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Daredevil, Vol. 2: No Devils, Only GodThe Man Without Fear Is Missing Daredevil Has Disappeared From Hell S Kitchen And In His Absence, The Real Devils Are Starting To Come Out To Play Detective Cole North May Think He S Stopped Daredevil, But There Are Bigger Problems Coming His Way Meanwhile, Matt Murdock Has Emerged From His Recent Ordeals A Changed Man But Has He Changed For Better Or Worse As He Faces Up To The Choices He Has Made, Matt Grapples With Who He Is And Who He Wants To Be Can He Truly Live A Life Without The Suit COLLECTING DAREDEVIL

[KINDLE] ✽ Daredevil, Vol. 2: No Devils, Only God By Chip Zdarsky – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • Daredevil, Vol. 2: No Devils, Only God
  • Chip Zdarsky
  • English
  • 15 December 2019
  • 9781302914998

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    All in for where Zdarsky takes Matt Murdock Read as single issues

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    Another fantastic volume from Zdarksky This is the one book I read every month where it s always good and never mixed or bad Zdarsky is really putting Murdock and Fisk through two very interesting arcs and I love what he s doing with both of them The artwork was mixed from issue to issue, the last issue had some really good art though Overall I highly recommend this series and I can t wait to see what the next volume will entail

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    Chip Zdarsky s second Daredevil arc deconstructs Matt Murdock even further as he attempts to put Daredevil behind him but Hell s Kitchen isn t about to let him do that, and Matt s personal life collides with his superhero life in a big way when his newest love interest reveals a secret about herself that throws Matt through a loop.Matt s tried this before Stepping away from Daredevil isn t new to him or the readers at this point, but the reaction of the city and the movement that Daredevil inspires as a result of his actions in the first volume are totally new They bubble away nicely in the background while Matt s personal life takes centre stage, only for the two plots to dovetail at the end of the arc in one last confrontation Meanwhile Detective North, whose role I thought might have been over after the last arc, still makes his presence known I m sure Zdarsky has Plans with a capital P for him, and I m excited to see where he takes it.On art is Lalit Kumar Sharma, who I ve never seen before, but does an admirable job he s no Marco Checchetto, but then no one is, and he makes Daredevil s world his own very easily with his clear lines and expressive characters The shining star though is Jorge Fornes, who steals the show with his David Mazzuchelli esque art in the final issue of the arc More of that, please.In fact, of all of this, please.

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    This run is amazing

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    With superhero comics, you have to balance both the domestic and the super heroics for our hero and sometimes the best stories feature heroes without wearing the costume This is certainly true for Daredevil in Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli s Born Again, which remains the greatest story arc about the Man Without Fear Miller s influence shines through the various writers and artists putting their own spin on Daredevil, including writer Chip Zdarsky, who in his current run, has already put Matt Murdock through hell by letting him kill a man and given up his life in vigilantism.Eight weeks have passed since he last put on the costume and working now as a parole officer, Matt s life has never been happier Whilst he finds a new potential love interest with Mindy, who runs a bookstore, Detective Cole North is still pursuing the vigilantes roaming around New York despite being targeted by corrupted cops As for Mayor Wilson Fisk, he cuts off his criminal ties entirely, allowing the other crime families to battle each other for power.Right from the start, there is no Daredevil, so don t expect any violent yet acrobatic skills from the red horned guy and expect a character drama about a blind man discussing the law, politics and Catholicism, whilst wrestling with his past sins Very much dialogue driven, Zdarsky is not about delivering in a belly of laughs and is about the dynamic between various people in New York, ranging from the working class, the law enforcers and the criminals that actually dominate the streets.Matt can t always be happy, whether it is because of his internal conflict or the external forces that can t give him a break Even the girl he likes from the bookstore invites him to dinner at her family s house, only to himself in the company of the Libris crime family, leading to a heated conversation about law versus crime Although memories of his alter ego haunt him and seeks guidance from Sister Elizabeth and even advice from Reed Richards a man of science about the existence of God, the disappearance of Daredevil inspires copycats, which continues that discussion of vigilantism and the violent repercussions that comes with it.Because this isn t much action, which is for the best as Lalit Kumar Sharma s art can look off when it comes to the human anatomy With a focus towards a gritty crime drama with a dash of Catholicism, the art is fine, even if lacking the polish of Marco Checchetto s work However, the last issue of this volume changes artistic hands with Jorge Forn s Although one can see the similarities with David Aja s work on Matt Fraction s Hawkeye, Forn s art clearly evokes David Mazzuchelli, who did incredible work on Daredevil in the 80s as along with Jordie Bellaire s colouring, the mixture of gritty surroundings and stylised comic book techniques that allow for plenty of action and character beats.I didn t rate this volume as highly as the previous one, which largely comes down to the change of artists That said, Zdarsky continues to do his best work with Daredevil and finding the compelling drama about a flawed hero who never dons his red costume once here.

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    Continues Chip Zdarsky s strong run on the title Will the real Daredevil please stand up view spoiler Has Matt Murdock really renounced his famous costume If so, who are the devils dealing out justice in Hell s Kitchen Is this all down to Detective Cole North or was Matt influenced by his friends and fellow heroes Is this the change he was seeking hide spoiler

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    4.5 Zdarsky continues his run even stronger than he has started it.I m especially interested in the Kingpin s storyline because, well, he quit being the Kingpin for pursuing his career as mayor full time.Also, Det Cole North becomes a much complex character throughout this volume and I m looking forward to seeing some buddy cop like action with Matt in the following issues.

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    A morally muddled, dark descent that sees both Fisk and Murdock start to unravel I cannot wait to see what s next in store because issue 12, the last in this volume, is an absolute gut punch and ends on a high note.

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    Zdarsky s got Matt Murdock down cold Grappling with faith, going after married women he knows him An interesting exploration of what happens when Matt tries to hang it up Docked a bit because the art wasn t always to my liking Rubbery cartoonism doesn t fit with the story.

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    My relatively spoiler free review can be found here

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