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Avengers by Jason Aaron, Vol. 4: War of the RealmsAs The War Of The Realms Comes To The Nation S Capital, The Greatest Heroes Of Washington, DC Race Into Action Who Needs The Avengers When You Ve Got The All New Squadron Supreme Of America But Who Are They, And Where Did They Come From Only Agent Coulson Knows Meanwhile, Avengers Mountain Comes Under Siege By The Forces Of Malekith And In The Final Battle For Midgard, Captain Marvel Leads The War Avengers Hulk Battles Ulik Blade Takes On The Black Berserkers Of Roxxon And Daredevil, The God Without Fear, Has A Cryptic Message That Will Decide The Team S Future Then, In The Aftermath Of War, Earth S Mightiest Heroes Are Looking To Celebrate There S A Party At Avengers Mountain But Who Invited The Squadron Supreme Collecting AVENGERS And Material From FREE COMIC BOOK DAY AVENGERS SAVAGE AVENGERS

[Ebook] ➩ Avengers by Jason Aaron, Vol. 4: War of the Realms By Jason Aaron – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • Avengers by Jason Aaron, Vol. 4: War of the Realms
  • Jason Aaron
  • English
  • 28 February 2018
  • 9781302914622

    10 thoughts on “[Ebook] ➩ Avengers by Jason Aaron, Vol. 4: War of the Realms By Jason Aaron – Pocket-bikes.us

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    Another decent volume in what should be an amazing Avengers run I just don t understand why this run is so average The idea of having another squad of superheroes to match the Avengers is cool I mean they are basically the Marvel version of Justice League Even looks like them And then on the other side you have some quality time with the Avengers in a hot spring, some flirting, and even some great character building moments But then get them hooked into the war of the realms plot and that is justno I mean I enjoy the character moments Jen flirting, Ghost Rider becoming confident, and even the Supreme Squad of evil Justice League is all cool But nothing seems to really happen and the realm war stuff is REALLY boring And felt like just pushed in here for no reason Overall decent, fun at times, but not great A 3 out of 5.

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    2,5 5

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    Like the prior volumes, I enjoyed this a lot Aaron writes these characters well, and their banter is a lot of fun Even the art remains strong, some of the best the series has so far especially after the rocky start of the first volume.But since this mostly a tie in to Aaron s War of the Realms event which was actually pretty great , this volume feels light I wish I loved this series, but other than the second volume, it s been pretty consistently good, not great, and that hasn t changed here Character moments are great, but when the plots don t go anywhere or are too grand for their own good , it s hard to feel any deep investment in what s going on.Still, I enjoy reading these quite a bit and will continue to do so Hopefully we get to see some of the character arcs Aaron has been laying out reach a climax soon, though.

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    While he s busy over with War Of The Realms and the Thor tie in issues, Jason Aaron also has the Avengers to contend with as well The Thor ones soar, but the Avengers ones kind of just flutter These four issues are mostly just random tie in things They slot in between issues of War Of The Realms, without really moving the Avengers story ahead because there s kind of a war going on There are a few bits and pieces evolving with relation to the Coulson Squadron Supreme aspect of things, and there s a nice focus issue on Gorilla Man which I enjoyed, but otherwise it s just your usual tie in fare.The FCBD material included in the back feels a little incongruous, mostly because it s of a prelude of what s going to happen next year, but I guess it s nicer to have than a random classic or something At least it s somewhat relevant.On art is Ed McGuinness, back again, while Jason Masters draws one issue McGuinness s style works for the big bombastic stuff, so he s a good choice and seems to be the rotating main artist of the book , so I m not complaining.Eh, this is fine Just a bit of a detour before we get back to the good stuff.

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    Some good stuff from Aaron with the Avengers, as well as the hectic but entertaining War of the Realms, Coulson is most definitely up to something sketchy with the Supreme Squadron of America And the bestial She Hulk is a waste one of the best female dialoguers, so they remove her capacity to communicate effectively nice, not 8 out of 12.

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    Muy entretenido y muy Aaron, a pesar de algunas cosillas de relleno por la guerra de los reinos Y no puedo negar que vivo para los bonding moments, as que la escena del jacuzzi en la monta a de los avengers me parece super m tica, para qu negarlo Gracias, Jason

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    Read in single issues I really loved War of the Realms

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    Really good end of the War of the Realms storyline Still really liking this team.

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    Kind ve boring Kind ve periphery to the actual substantive events of War of the Realms.

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    Regular TPB por ser parte de un crossover, en el ultimo numero vuelve a subir la tension respecto a todos los arcos que quedaron pendientes A esperar el siguiente tpb.

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