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Landon & Shay (L&S Duet, #1) Shay Gable Hated My Guts, And I Hated Hers, TooWe Went Out Of Our Way To Avoid One Another At All Times When She Came My Direction, I Went The Other When We Locked Eyes, She D Turn And Walk AwayAll Of That Changed The Day I Was Presented With A Challenge It Started Out As A Stupid Bet Make Shay Fall In Love With Me Before I Fell In Love With Her FirstThat Was An Easy Bet For Me To WinI Didn T Love, I Hardly LikedYet Slowly The Game Started To Shift Shay Made Me Crave Things I Never Knew I WantedLoveHappinessHerThe Closer We Grew, The She Challenged My Darkness, And The Parts I Kept Locked AwayThe HurtsThe PainsThe TruthThe Game Between Us Became Too Real, Our Feelings Intermixed, And The Risks Of Hurting One Another Grew HigherBut You Know What They SayAll S Fair In The Game Of Love And War Especially The Heartbreaks Book One In The LS Duet

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    5 stars In fairytales, the beauty fell in love with the beast In reality, the beast destroyed beauty I ve said it once, I ll say it a million times, no one writes like Brittainy C Cherry No one Her writing is stunning and always blows me away This woman is my favorite author for a reason Her books always speak to me They always have that perfect combination of romance, feels, and that extra special quality that I just can t name Landon Shay is a stunning story and I loved it so much Shay Gable doesn t hate anyone, except for Landon Harrison This is very much an enemies to lovers story Landon and Shay have always hated each other, for as long as they can remember When a bet takes place, and they bet each other they can get the other to fall in love first, things get interesting They start to learn about one another and see sides of each other they ve never seen When someone saw your pain and didn t look away, it felt like a gift Like people were allowing you to be exactly who you were without shame and judgements Landon struggles with severe depression and feels unloved and unseen, and for good reasons The person he was the closest with, his uncle, suffered from the same thing and is no longer here His parents are distant, his father especially, and he feels like he has no one Except for Shay The person he s supposed to hate Shay s home life is much different than Landons, but it s not easy by any means She has a grandmother that loves with her whole heart, a mother who tries her best, and an addict for a father But Shay loves and she loves hard She gives that to Landon completely and wholly I love you in the light and in the dark I love you like a whisper and like a shout I love your good days and your bad days, and I love you All of you Every single piece She began fiddling with her fingers, and her T shirt collar moved between her lips, And every single scar This book has my heart It has the most beautifully broken hero, an incredible heroine, and a story that tugged on my heartstrings It can be really difficult to depict mental health issues in an accurate way, and the way Brittainy wrote about depression is so precise, real, and raw Anyone who s ever struggled with it can attest to that Her books always give me the feels, but this one hit me so much harder than some of the others If you ve read Eleanor Grey, you probably recognize these characters This can be read as a standalone, but this book does take place before during Eleanor Grey Eleanor is cousins with Shay and Landon is best friends with Greyson I loved the connection and seeing little bits of Eleanor and Greyson in this story If you love enemies to lovers, read this book If you love books that tackle heavier topics, read this book If you want to feel, read this book If you re looking for a swoony romance that will sweep you off your feet, read this book It is part one of a duet, but honestly there is no huge cliffhanger, just a need for of their story and a few questions I d love answered I cannot wait for the second part of this story This book was perfect for me and I loved it to pieces We re all little broken If you think anyone in this world doesn t have cracks, scars, and a story, then you re not looking close enough We weren t brought into this world to be perfect we were brought here to be human To live To feel To hurt To love To cry To exist And with that, comes a few broken parts You don t have to be perfect to love or be loved You just have to be brave enough to show the world your scars and call them beautiful

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    LANDON SHAY is Part One in Brittainy C Cherry s full length romance duet We ve already been introduced to these two previously in Eleanor Grey It all started with a bet..But ended in truths These two characters despise each other It s been this way since middle school I started this not knowing if I liked it or not, and was already flitting towards a 4 star rating, and I think that s only because I didn t really connect with Landon at that stage But somewhere along the way like a slow burn, he captured my heart like this book and not once was it released The feels came rushing at me literally out of nowhere, my heart was breaking but filling up with so much love for these characters, they crawled into my heart and left their stamp What a roller coaster of a ride This book touched on some heavy real to life raw, emotional subjects and was done sensitively, and beautifully.So much darkness is embedded within Landon, Shay calls him Satan, but within all that darkness his heart is true, you just have to trust in this author to show you Shay is like a ray of sunshine, her happy go lucky persona and her knack for reading people and delving deeper than what is presented to the outside world blind sided Landon She was spot on with her impression of him To sum these two up as a couple, Landon was perfectly imperfect for Shay but ended up being perfect for her.

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    Part I Review Someone help me find the right words for this review Landon, oh Landon Never in a million years would I have thought that THIS is how his story was going to be I wasn t sure what to think of him at first, but as the story progressed and I got to know him a little better, all I wanted to do was hug him real tight and never let go And then punch all these people who said shitty stuff to him You ll see what I mean when you read the book lol My heart was aching for him over and over again What kind of person would want to love a broken heart What kind of person would take the time to listen to the heartbeats of something so damaged I just hope broken hearts can receive love, too.I think us broken hearts need love the most L Thank God for Shay because DAMN While Landon may be one of the most broken heroes I ve ever had the pleasure of reading, Shay has to be one of the strongest heroines out there Shay was simply amazing It sounds so corny because I don t usually say sentimental stuff like this but this girl has to have the biggest heart out there Loving and kind, she did a great job of simply being there for Landon whenever he had a hard time The perfect heroine to our hero Thank you Brittainy C Cherry for creating such an incredible character Shay is now officially one of my favorite heroines.Everything sounds fine and dandy, right Well, I would be lying if I said I didn t have any struggles In all honesty, I wasn t fully invested in the story At first.I think, just knowing that this book is part of a duet that I wouldn t get a conclusion by the end of this book is the reason why I felt like I was reading a very long prologue to the actual story, but that s probably just a me thing Part one is about their teenage years and I m someone who likes to get to the present asap On top of that, the beginning was kinda slow for me It took about 40% until things in the romance department finally advanced, and it wasn t until the 70% mark where I finally found myself completely immersed in the story.But, the last 30% y all It wasn t much but when things got good, it became PHENOMENAL They made up for A LOT I loved it LOVED IT Brittainy C Cherry put my heart through the wringer and then put it back together again Everything was so freaking good even though I ended up a mess lol How s your heart Still beating And now excuse me so I can go back to Eleanor Grey and read all the scraps of Landon Shay as grown ups I can t wait for Part Two Part II Book talk, best to be read after finishing the book spoiler view spoiler When Landon blacked out from touching a snake I m sorry but that was hilarious The scene where Shay found out that Landon bought several Jumbo Laffy Taffy bags and sifted through them to pick out Shay s favorite flavor So sweet I knew all along that Shay s dad was Landon s dealer Not even his talk about youngest and oldest daughter could throw me off my theory When Shay wanted to scratch out her parent s name on the willow tree, I knew for sure Was it as obvious to you as it was for me Sometimes I m spot on but at other times I would have never seen things coming I loved all these heartfelt letters from Landon to Shay Gosh, the hugging scene in the cafeteria on his birthday My emotions were all over the place I loved that Landon was a mama boy At first, I wasn t so sure if she deserved his love that much but the revelations at the end made me see her in a completely different light After that, I loved their relationship Can I just talk about the empowerment of women in this book Shay is an incredibly strong character, Landon s mom, Shay s mom and not to forget her grandma I was so damn proud, though I have to say that a part kinda came crashing down again when Shay s mom told Landon to stay away from Shay because he wasn t good enough I was like Whyyy Whyyy did you have to say that to him Poor Landon, he had to endure so much Especially all these vile words from so many people Ugh HUGS, endless hugs for the lost and lonely boy because it seemed like that was all he ever wanted most of the time Monica One of these UGHs I admire Landon for being so patient with Monica and putting up with her crap because clearly, she needed help But me Just no So often okay every time I was furious with Landon because he let her treat him like shit He may have his reasons as to why but I couldn t understand it I have to SEE another side to that person first to at least feel sorry for him or her but damn, that girl was N A S T Y Every time she made an appearance my blood began to boil well except for the last scene I m a bit bad tempered that way I was so damn grateful that Landon still had the guts to tell Shay the truth about her dad after she confessed her feelings This is the part where the majority of authors would have made the H backpedal and blown everything up later when the heroine finds out, but thank God, B.C Cherry decided not to add to the drama There was also the speech and threat from Shay s dad, so I was basically dreading Landon s moment of truth I really liked the ending I thought it fit perfectly for Landon to find himself and get better first While I m not saying that he wasn t good enough for Shay, I do think that their relationship was a little one sided and uneven, I guess Don t misunderstand, I m not looking down on Landon s love for Shay or anything but looking back, she did could do for him than he did and could do for her Landon becoming better will even things out a little, so they can have a give and take relationship in book 2 At least that s what I think Last thing, now I really want to read The 5 Love Languages The Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary Chapman lol hide spoiler

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    FIVE STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author She kissed me, and the last sleeping part of my soul finally woke up as she fell against my lips I tasted her heaven as I fed her my sins.STUNNING Brittainy C Cherry has once again blown my mind with another one of her beautifully written stories I am not the least bit surprised that I fell so incredibly hard for LANDON SHAY This enemies to lovers romance was so emotionally charged and the characters left a huge imprint on my heart The subject matter might be hard for some readers to handle but this is a story that must be read by all There s a beautiful message written with the exquisite words of the author I felt as if almost every passage was important and so I ended up highlighting the majority of this book There is no doubt in my mind that readers are going to fall just as madly in love with this story as I have Landon Harrison and Shay Gable are two characters who are going to stay in my heart and mind for a very long time to come While the book does end at a pivotal moment in the characters lives, it felt like a to be continued rather than a huge cliffy I can t wait to get my hands on PART TWO Here are my overall ratings Hero 5 Heroine 5 Plot Angst 5Steam 4Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5 LANDON SHAY PART ONE releases on October 30th Worldwide

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    Just when I think that Brittainy C Cherry couldn t make me love her storytelling any, she goes and do this I ve come to the realization that getting to read her books is not only a journey, but it s an experience Her words feel like a healing balm to the fractured heart and you feel the everything The pain, the sadness, the joy, and the most important thing of all the love Landon Harrison has everything that a teenager could ever want Bad boy attitude, Popularity, rich parents and good friends but beneath it all, there is something After going through a rough year that s changed him to his core, Landon is looking for a change and to find something that is going to keep him on his toes But looking at the girl who became his sworn enemy for the past few years, things are about to take a turn when these two decide to make a bet.Shay has always been and always will be a good girl Good student, good daughter, good friend, she s all of those things and them some But seeing the nemesis around school and having to interact with him now and then, brings out the not so nice in her Who would want to be around a hot cocky bad boy that makes you want to rip their clothes off and damage a part of their anatomy at the same time As time moves on and these two learn about each other, the hatred begins to diminish and it replaces something that neither one were expecting But with a new feeling, comes old demons and past secrets and for Landon and Shay, they will not be silent How will these two face a storm that has the power to shatter than their love First off let me just say that this book deals with some heavy subject matters and it s a lot I had no idea that the author was going to delve into something like this but I m happy that it was done I will admit that I for the first half of the book, I did not feel the kind of connection that I was hoping to have with Landon and Shay and I was disappointed in that But as the story progressed, things became a lot better and I was than invested in their love and their journey to healing This was not an easy read at times but the story itself is worth it These characters were complex, witty, charming, broken, but the love they had and for each other was everything I cant wait to see where part 2 is going to take us if you re a fan of this author, then you do not want to miss this one.

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    Thank you Brittainy for this incredible story This book deserves than a 5 rating It was a page turner and deals with realistic issues topics We were introduced to Landon and Shay a little bit in Eleanor and Grey but this is their intense love story Shay is the perfect happy girl in everyone else s eyes, who loves theater and hates Landon Landon is the rich, popular senior, who is struggling with feeling loved because he doesn t feel it from anyone around it Landon and Shay are absolutely polar opposites to each other, but they really just work together Shay brings out the better in Landon Through out the book you see how much Landon and Shay can be there for each and how they turn that hate into something different Disclaimer, there can be triggering moments mention in this book From suicide, drug use and self harm

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    Brittainy writes soulful stories that jump from the pages straight to the hearts Her soft nature mirrors in her stories They re fragrant with love, tumultuous with roiling angst, soaked wet tears of the readers She manages to draw out ALL the feelings possible just with strokes of her pen How s your heart Still beating It s starts out on a vengeful venomous note when Landon Shay are horns locked enemies, living for moments to stab each other with scathing knives I hated Shay Gable If there was only one thing in life I knew for certain, it was that fact we never gelled You know how people have instant friendships She and I had an instant hateship I hated her, and her goody two shoes personality to suddenly realizing they re two sides of the same coin, two peas albeit in differently same pods We loved pushing each other s buttons We loved the way we pissed each other off We loved the hate we were able to give each other every day we walked into school Even though the Romance between Bad boy Landon Harrison and good girl Shay Gable is in the forefront in the book, the background hides ominously dark mental problems of depression, anxiety and Addiction The focus shifts between two halves of everyday life of these characters who re engaged in witty banter and verbal spats in the corridors of High School, at play in flirtatious games in the booze parties, yet whenever they find themselves faced with family, they either lie alone in their houses like Landon or shut themselves in their rooms like Shay But they can t shut the noises that drive them crazy because they re coming from the monster entrenched in their heads.The common problem of parental neglect and angry home atmospheres raises anxiety levels to all time high You re shit, it told me Someone like her could never love someone as broken as you, it taunted She just said she loved you to end the bet, not because she really cares That was the thing about anxiety and depression there was nothing logical about it When my brain started to spin the webs of self doubts, it spun fast, spinning me round and round into its webs of lies They both escape in the arms of one another but loneliness finds them at odd moments The story was tender but unsettling at times and touched some deep part of my heartI m always excited and eager to read Britainy s travails of heart stories She has remarkable ability to weave a rich tapestry of human traits and characteristics shaped by tests and trials of life Her keen observational skills and knack of transferring them in words is a boon for us readers.The plot was Indulgence of the empathies I wanted to hug Landon tight, shower him with unconditional love So, please, stop running Place your feet on the ground and make peace with your demons Stop fighting them and hold them I wanted to worship gracious Shay and her 24k solid gold of a heart that has sympathy and vast understanding for all around her.I wanted to organize an intervention for The parents involved and I wanted to thank the thankless and unappreciated jobs of the school counselors Remember to keep a box of tissues handy when you read the book It s a maelstrom of sentiments that will sweep you away gloriously towards the sky before slamming you down at the end Dazed and stunnedI can t wait for book 2 5 I love you, I love you s for the Love that sets your free BookBistroBlogApproved Follow me on BookBistroBlog gmail.comhttps Twitter.com BookBistrowww.instagram.com BookBistroBloghttps bookbistroblogger.blogspot.com

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    Can someone please help me find my heart because I m sure I ve left it somewhere in this book.I am such a complete emotional mess Early into this story it was no surprise the tears would start, but that was nothing compared to the floodgates that opened towards the end At one point I went back and kept rereading a certain part it hurt, but it was so excruciatingly beautiful that I couldn t help myself I can t quite possibly put into words how deeply this book touched me all I can say is that I will never be the same after reading Landon and Shay s story These two embedded themselves in the deepest parts of my soul and they ll stay there forever.I knew I wanted of Landon and Shay once they were introduced in Eleanor and Grey I desperately with an extra side of desperate needed their story And imagine my surprise when they wouldn t be getting one, but two books I was elated and couldn t contain my excitement But I had no idea at the high level my emotions would be and how impacted this story would leave me It s a wild and bumpy ride, but every ache is worth it.Landon obliterated my heart, but at the same time put it back together and healed it He s such a complex character with many layers Underneath everything though, he s so good he doesn t see it, but he is such an extremely good person I can t even express just how much I love Landon He s one of those characters that seeped into my soul and made a home of my heart and those parts will always belong to him.Shay was an extraordinary character I loved her and her good heart to pieces She s everything good that Landon needs She s compassionate, caring, patient, selfless and above all, loving She s the only one that sees the true Landon the real and incredible person he is She may have stared off hating him, but little by little she started falling and there was no going back No matter what, she s always there for Landon and he can count on her, always.Landon and Shay are some kind of wonderful Their story isn t easy at times, but that s the point because everything isn t sunshine and rainbows They both grew so much throughout the book which added to the depth of their character Landon and Shay left a huge imprint on my heart I ll never forget these two, ever.Brittainy C Cherry never ceases to amaze me Each time I read one of her books it becomes a favorite But this book is on another level I m blown away with this beautifully exquisite book Landon and Shay s story is raw, real, tearful, poignant and beautiful And just like Mima says, The ending will always be worth the hard middle And I m waiting on bated breath for what I m sure will be a worthy ending to an already remarkable story.MUST READ DEFINITELY RECOMMEND I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book

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    How s your heart Don t let her read your pages, Landon She couldn t even handle my prologue You know what My heart is FULL after finishing Landon and Shay pt 1 This is Brittainy Cherry at her FINEST and I don t know how she s going to top this story It s no secret that I love her YA storytelling and this was juststunning I d never known sadness could be so hauntingly beautiful. Brittainy takes teenage angst, hurts, heartbreak, and hope to a whole new level Landon and Shay is the ultimate enemies to lovers with so much vulnerability and realness thrown in, it was hard to put down.

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