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Black Canary Meg Cabot S First Graphic Novel Thirteen Year Old Dinah Lance Knows Exactly What She Wants, Who She Is, And Where She S Going First, She Ll Win The Battle Of The Bands With Her Two Best Friends, Then She Ll Join The Gotham City Junior Police Academy So She Can Solve Crimes Just Like Her Dad Who Knows, Her Rock Star Group Of Friends May Even Save The World, But First They Ll Need To Agree On A Band NameWhen A Mysterious Figure Keeps Getting In The Way Of Dinah S Goals And Threatens Her Friends And Family, She Ll Learn About Herself, Her Mother S Secret Past, And Navigating The Various Power Chords Of Life

[Ebook] ↠ Black Canary  Author Meg Cabot – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Black Canary
  • Meg Cabot
  • 17 October 2017
  • 9781401286200

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    This was so flipping cute and it s got such strong girl power vibes.GR review to come, or read it early

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    Update Here s my full review

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    I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE Love this cover so much

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    I kinda dig the cover

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    Actual Rating 2.5 starsIn theory, I like the concept behind this middle grade backstory for Black Canary a girl finding the power of her voice after being told she is too loud and pushing back against overprotective parents to make a difference in the world In practice, Dinah comes off as kind of whiney and very impulsive to the detriment of everyone around her To be fair, she s at an age where that isn t uncommon, but I would have liked to see her exhibit some growth in those areas through the course of the story, and we really don t It made me annoyed than anything else, but I imagine this might appeal to some young teen girls struggling to gain independence I, unfortunately, wasn t really a fan I did really like her mom as a character and would read a book about her I received an advance review copy from the publisher All opinions are my own.

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    I loved this Told through the voice of Dinah, seemingly ordinary girl who likes to sing and rock a guitar in a girl band Little does she know her mother has secret and its gonna flip her world upside down Face paced, middle school story that is SUPER all the way through Netgalley

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    I was gifted this from Penguin Random House I loved this so much It was a super cute read and I m loving these new comics that DC are bringing out This was my first DC Zoom read and I really enjoyed it

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    Of the DC Zoom titles I ve read to date, this has been my favorite by far Possibly also the most relatable, as Dinah was a middle school kid trying to navigate living up to her parents expectations, her friends expectations and who she was To give a little detail here when I was younger Donna Troy was my go to DC heroine of choice when it came to being able to relate to the characters Dinah was, at best, a side character I knew about, but as I didn t read Green Arrow or the Justice League I really only had a basic idea of who she was.That worked to my advantage here as I had no preconceptions about the character a problem that has plagued me while reading Teen Titans Raven and Cabot s Dinah was a rocking, mostly obedient hey she s still a teenager daughter who had a very certain view of her life Win the band competition with the help of her friends, then get into the Junior Police Academy so she can follow in her father s footsteps Getting superpowers was decidedly not on her list of things she wants I enjoyed Dinah s relationship with her parents, but maybe a bit that while her dad wanted a safer life for her he deals with the dangers of being a cop every day and what parents wants their young daughter to go through that one day , he understood and was proud of her want to help people This book does a good job of not pigeon holing anyone based on appearance something that sadly happens so often in school The mysterious figure is a bit easy to guess at, however this graphic novel is best when it plays to Cabot s strengths the relationship she depicts between the band, the relationship Dinah has with her parents and her parents have with each other and the world at large that Dinah lives in and wants to protect Overall this is a good introduction to the Black Canary character as well as a stand alone without knowledge of the DC Universe as a whole.

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    I received an ARC from DC Comics for review.Honestly, I didn t have any real understanding of who Black Canary is, but when I found out Meg Cabot wrote Ignite, I knew I had to read it Paired with Cara McGee s brilliant artwork, the story quickly won my heart.Dinah Lance is an endearing punk rocking kid with the power of her voice Her relationship with her parents and her parents relationship is such a healthy and supportive representation that isn t often seen, especially in comics where at least one of the parents is dead or out of the picture for some tragic reason Her friends are fantastic and funny and real I LOVED how Kat flips the script on the trope of punk vs cheerleader and is not only both, but is the captain of the team Even background characters are represented well.The story takes place in Gotham City, but the middle school life is shown so well that the reader can easily identify with the characters I, too, tried to get out of P.E with fake injuries The plot moves pretty quickly, which makes for a great binge read While I found the villain to be a bit obvious, it did make for a pretty satisfy ending.Definitely check this one out when it s published this October I ll be keeping an eye out for other DC Comics, such as Kami Garcia s Teen Titans Raven.

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