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Black Hammer, Vol. 4 The Eisner Award Winning Superhero Saga Continues With This Two Part Mystery That Will Change The World Forever After Learning How They Got Trapped On The Farmworld, Our Heroes Find Themselves With Everything They Thought They Wanted Yet Not Everything Is Right Just Yet And It Takes The Strong Resolve Of The New Black Hammer To Get The Team Back Together, As Shocking Revelations Change Their World At Every Turn COLLECTS Black Hammer Age Of Doom From The Eisner Award Winning Team Of Jeff Lemire And Dean Ormston, With A Special Guest Artist Appearance From Superstar Creator Rich Tommaso

[PDF] Black Hammer, Vol. 4  By Jeff Lemire – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Black Hammer, Vol. 4
  • Jeff Lemire
  • 01 October 2019
  • 9781506708164

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    Hey, bitch, nice house This was good, I hated the art from the first two issues, and that whole story seemed a bit too meta and silly for me The ending, or non ending was good, happy sad I am intrigued as to what is next

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    Black hammer is literally literally perfect 5 stars.

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    Following in Mark Millar s footsteps, Jeff Lemire now seemingly writes every one of his creator owned books as though it s a TV pitch In the case of Black Hammer, I wouldn t mind its television aspirations so much if I didn t also get the sense that it wears its prestige badge a little too proudly on its sleeve.Nevertheless, this concluding for now arc of the main Black Hammer book ties up a lot of loose threads albeit in eye rolling and unsatisfying ways Read in single issues

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    Black Hammer feels like its losing steam in this volume The story is going in circles view spoiler quite literally hide spoiler

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    I don t know Maybe it s reading it on a monthly basis but the whole Age of Doom didn t do the trick for me I am not saying it s bad or anything but it felt kinda repetitive which might be the point.The ending was nice but I wouldn t mind Lemire to wrapping this for good At least the farm storyline.

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    In this volume the artwork decided to suck than the story Almost Then there s the names Holy crap, they couldn t be ridiculous Is this comic a parody Can t be Parodies are sometimes funny and this awful comic has nothing going for it The characters, the dialogue if Oink Oink and Quack Quack are dialogue , the ridiculous plot, the deus ex machinas Everything sucks and the flashbacks are back with a vengeance This feels like the story that is going to make me stop reading anything by Lemire ever again, so let s make fun of it I won t mark any spoilers here as the story is the very definition of spolied devastated, impaired, wrecked I looked it up in a thesaurus.Upon leaving the Para Zone, Weird finds himself in a weird world that rapidly changes from one setting to the next He is guided by the chain smoking Inspector Insector not a typo , then he meets a slew of ridiculously named characters from unrealized stories The broken legged Ms Moonbeam, Soldier X with no face, the constipated Mister Grizzly, Excali Burt the medieval swordsman what wordplay , Stella Steela who is at least trying to be hot as a female Indiana Jones, Ham Samwich the pig, Barbaly Bunny the rabbit and Golden Goose the goose Once HOLY CRAP Weird finds that this world was created by the minds of ordinary people To return to his friends he must find their story Which he does easily and never again meets the characters above something I also hope to do for the rest of my life.Mark Marks the Martian what a mouthful was exiled on his home planet because of his beliefs He is secretly building a space ship to leave for Earth Meanwhile a rusted Talky approaches Lucy in a rewritten reality with information about her father from the previous reality Abe is a museum guard and in my opinion the winner of the most useless character in the series.Lucy discovers her father s hammer and remembers everything She reunites with Talky, then makes Abe remember the real events, kidnaps a now senile Gail from hospital, meets Colonel Weird who is planted there out of thin air and finally visits Mars to get the whole screwy team back together What a good time for Lucy to disappear again She meets her father in New World and finds that Anti God is coming back He must be defeated by killing the heroes Here we go again Hey, Lemire, send them to the farm again I wrote the previous sentence before reading the final issue you ll see why it s almost funny in a minute.After a long scene dedicated to the heroes regrets about losing what they had on the farm, they decide to fight Anti God once Cause they re heroes They need soccer mom Madame Butterfly s help Originality seems to be thrown out the window when, even though she complains about not being able to pull it off, Madame Butterfly does the exact same thing to combat Anti God like before she sends the heroes to the farm At least she gives them their heart s desire, but seriously, how sucky can an ending be

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    Is that it After all the build up, all the struggles, all the random detours and spin off mini series, that s the ending we get I m disappointed to say the least Without going into spoiler territory, I didn t think this was going to be the end of the series Given that Black Hammer has already relaunched once, I thought this was just going to be the end of this era, and then we d get a new series next year or something But no, this is apparently it It just feels like a jip These characters have been through the wringer, and to get to this point in the series and have to make this decision, it just feels wrong Yes, they re heroes They have to do the heroic thing But it s the same thing they ve already done Twice, if you ve read the Black Hammer Justice League crossover There s only so many times Lemire can play on the same sacrifice, no matter how many times the characters are forced to make it Otherwise, the rest of the volume is fun The side issues set inside the Parazone with the half created characters are full of clever ideas that I d like to see of, and even if the ultimate conclusion isn t my cup of tea, the journey to get there is the usual Black Hammer fare I think maybe I m in love with the idea of Black Hammer, and the world that it inhabits, rather than the book itself There s so much potential to be mined here, and I just can t bring myself to accept that this is the end that these characters have to have.

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    4.5 WOW it s the end This is one of my favorite graphic novels and I m sad to see this arc end From the beginning I was hooked and waiting for this last volume was painful but I made it Jeff and Dean told a well balanced story with the right amount of Oh Sh t moments and cliffhangers but I m going to be honest I m not a fan of the ending It was too neat and very happily ever after But all in all good.

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    The art of Black Hammer is gorgeous The storytelling is inspired by the history of comics mostly DC and that s a good thing This is a love story homage to all the great stories that have come before.

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    this has been an incredible, interesting, and beautiful series i can t wait for the concluding issue in september.

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