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Ronin Island Vol. 1 After A Catastrophic Event Changes Th Century Japan, Korea, And China, Two Young Soldiers Must Protect Their Peaceful Island Home From A Warlord S Oncoming Forces And Newly Mutated Creatures That Threaten To Destroy The World As They Know ItAfter A Mysterious Attack Devastates A Great Swath Of Th Century Japan, Korea, And China, Survivors From All Three Lands Find Refuge On A Hidden Island And Build A New Society Hana, The Orphaned Daughter Of Korean Farmers, And Kenichi, Son Of A Great Samurai Leader, Have Little In Common Except For A Mutual Disdain For The Other But These Young Warriors Will Have To Work Together When An Army Invades The Island With Shocking News The Shogun Has Returned And The Island Is Expected To Pay Fealty In Exchange For Protection From A New Threat A Mutated Horde That Threatens To Wipe Out All Humanity Written By Bestselling Author Greg Pak Mech Cadet Yu, Star Wars And Beautifully Illustrated By Giannis Milonogiannis Old City Blues, Prophet , Ronin Island Explores An Idealistic Coming Of Age Story Against The Backdrop Of A Morally Grey Time Of War Where The Reasons For Fighting Are Questioned At Every Turn

[ PDF ] ✪ Ronin Island Vol. 1  Author Greg Pak – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • Ronin Island Vol. 1
  • Greg Pak
  • 27 December 2017
  • 9781684154593

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    No matter what country a story originates from, the best stories should be universally acceptable to everyone Often the best stories have a simple through line that can be translated from one continent to another Wthout Japanese samurai films, we wouldn t have the American Western films In fact, both those genres influenced George Lucas to create a certain popular space opera, which inspired generations of storytellers who put their own spin of those aforementioned genres As simple a tale as BOOM Studios Ronin Island is, that simplicity ends up being a huge benefit for readers of all ages.Please click here for my full review.

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    Greg Pak did it again He wrote a strong and interesting story driven by perfect action and spiced by humour.And if this is not enough it is wrapped in the fantasy environment in feudal Japan.Art is above average and is perfectly displaying both actions and emotions If you are fun of anything mention above you will not be disappointed.

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    At first this felt like a typical zombie story but the last issues really pulled me in The main characters have some really good potential and my interest has definitely been peaked enough to keep reading the series 4 out of 5.

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    Smassing Culture diversities O Greg Pak Planet Hulk Ronin Island Boom Comics, Pak Boom Comics 31 Great Wind, , 19 Hana Kenichi, , , , , Ronnin Island post apocalyptic , zombie , , Prophet Extreme Comics manga , Irma Knivila, cartoon, diversity , alt right , Ronin Island , Pack , , , .

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    Samurai and mutated hordes and the mysterious shogun secrets and two opposing main characters This series is going to be awesome This first installment was so exciting to read I apparently did not pay much attention to the book cover because when the horde showed up I was surprised I love the island where people from different nations have come to live together in peace Something is going to have to be done about the shogun, however He is acting too big for his britches Comeuppance is comingI can smell it

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    Interesting start for an intriguing story Here s to hoping that my library will add the rest of the volumes soon.

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