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The End and Other Beginnings Bestselling Divergent And Carve The Mark Author Veronica Roth Delivers A Stunning Collection Of Novella Length Stories Set In The Future, Illustrated With Startling Black And White ArtworkNo World Is Like The Other Within This Masterful Collection, Each Setting Is Strange And Wonderful Than The Last, Brimming With New Technologies And Beings And Yet, For All The Advances In These Futuristic Lands, The People Still Must Confront Deeply Human ProblemsIn These Six Stories, Veronica Roth Reaches Into The Unknown And Draws Forth Something Startlingly Familiar And Profoundly BeautifulWith Tales Of Friendship And Revenge, Plus Two New Stories From The Carve The Mark Universe, This Collection Has Something For New And Old Fans Alike Each Story Begins With A Hope For A Better End, But Always End With A Better Understanding Of The BeginningWith Beautifully Intricate Black And White Interior Illustrations And A Uniquely Designed Package, This Is The Perfect Gift For Book Lovers

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    i love how much this cover looks like it would be friends with one of

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    It is difficult to rate and review books of short stories as there are some I like then others, but to rate them as a whole.I really enjoyed most of this book the first 4 stories I though were great The dark scifi and characters looking to get through their lives was great I would have been interested in any of these being expanded into series.The fifth story is set in the Carve the mark universe and has the back story story and a untold tale of a couple of the main characters This is almost a story of two halves.the first part I though was great the second part was a bit slower and was just ok.The sixth story was also set in the Carve the mark universe but introduces a new character far away from the main characters I though this was a bit of a downer to finish on This story was slow to ok where as the others were good to great.Veronica Roth has a gift for writing dark scifi stories with tourchered characters who I can help but root for The art work in the book is awsome and complements the stories perfect Having it in black and white is a perfect choice The only weakness I can find is she is better at writing from the female characters point of view.

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    I must say the illustrations in this anthology is superb It gives the stories a little something extra.Inertia Inertia I m carried in a straight line toward youA force I can t resist don t want to resistCarried straight toward youI ve forgotten how easy it is to fall into the worlds Roth creates.This short story just again prove why I fell in love with her writing.The concept in Inertia of being able to have a last visitation where you can share your greatest memories is something so out of the box and different you can t help but like it.Combining this great, different idea with something so profound as depression and bringing fourth this short compelling story proves how talented Roth is The Spinners That was where the Spinners had come in, because you didn t get to decide to be born, or when or how long you lived, or when you died You had to leave that up to the women with the thread No, thank you I did not like anything about this story I was even hard pressed to find an okay quote to represent it.1 Aliens should be done extremely well for me to like it.2 I did not connect to any character in this story3 O, what story It felt like a sequence in a greater story I kept waiting for anythingBUT alas, nothing came to help me like this one Hearken Everyone had a death song, no matter how young or healthy they were, and everyone had a life song, even when they were dying Everyone was both dying and living at the same time.I didn t want this one to end.This might not be the safest dystopian world to live in, but I want to live there anyway With the condition that I must be a Hearken I would read a novel about this world, heck I would read a series about it.I loved everything about it Vim and Vigor She brought it because she thought it might feel good to remember Amy And terrible She knew it would feel terrible to remember too, but sometimes good and terrible could coexist, right The same way you could be happy and sad at the same time.This felt like bad fan fic Just some jumble of words For which I didn t care much Ard Ones I knew, then, that I could do what needed to be done.While I can t see a connection other than the Kereseth character between the first and second part of this story, I can say I enjoyed both Specially the second part.I belive this is short stories base on Carve the Mark which I have not read yet But if this is anything to go on I really need to priorities them The Transformationist Everything is on a clock in this universe, everything must grow to adulthood And reaching that point is no always pleasant.Gut wrenchingly cruel I would have like to see Otho get himself out of this through some good character building and not just fall in love It was a short cut I did not appreciate.

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    Yes I don t have to wait two years for new Veronica Roth material.

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    Accurate rating 3.5 5This anthology of six short stories offers a brief insight into how personal relationships could turn into in a future not as far away as one might think It also includes a couple of stories from the Carve the Mark duology, which I read this year In general, it s safe to say that these stories are built on two main elements the bonds between siblings and the influence of their parents on them, as well as romantic relationships.Inertia 3.5 5The dynamics of her characters reminded me of Tris and Four from Divergent, also of Aristotle and Dante Claire is dealing with mental health issues and self harm, while Matt is overwhelmed with grief, both looking for a save haven in each other Perhaps I would have appreciated the character growth on Claire s part a lot , had it come from a place of personal development Still, there is quite a strong message in this short story The Spinners 2.5 5Main themes grief, sisterly bond, embracing diversity Unfortunately, the whole story fell flat for me I would have loved it if the story of the Spinners played a bigger role in the turn of events.Hearken 3.5 5I loved the concept of music having such an empowering and catalistic role in people s lives I felt like the ending could be a few pages longer I think it lacked impact because of the abrupt wrap up.Vim and Vigor 4 5Fandoms, friendships, sudden loss, high school drama with a slight sci fi spin I could predict how the story would go, but I enjoyed every minute I spent with it.The Ard Ones 4 5We got a bit of backstory on Teka and Akos, I m sure fans of Carve the Mark will appreciate this, as did I, but essentially it didn t assist in plot progress More like an extra gift for the fans.The Transformationist 4.5 5This story confused me the most I knew it was set in the Carve the Mark universe, which is why I was looking for familiar faces at first I actually started thinking that I was introduced to these characters, but forgot about it I then realised that this was a completely separate story, which required some adjustment on my part Nevertheless, I think this one had the most intriguing plot The exploration of religions that are hinted at in the duology and the way the characters interacted was so interesting I m glad that this story was picked to conclude the anthology and, honestly, I could read about Otho the protagonist and his experience with Tranformationists, which reminded me a lot of Abnegation in Divergent Oh, and the love interest so adorable and kind Fans of Veronica Roth s writing and plotting would definitely enjoy this She does not shy away nor sugarcoat reality and the fact that families are not perfect, even if they love one another.For someone who hasn t read any of her books yet, I reckon this anthology would be the perfect way to see how you like her storytelling and characters.Personally, I felt like Roth cannot escape from these ideas in her head about modern day worlds with a hint of science fiction advancements The tone was very similar to both of her previous series The illustrations were such a nice touch and, although the ARC did not include all of them, I m excited to see them on the finished product ARC provided by Edelweiss and Katherine Tegen Books in enchange for an honest review.

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    In this novel by Veronica Roth, it consists of six riveting short stories Each story has its own unique and interesting plotline, setting, a different planet, and different universe.Many of the short stories contain betrayal, manipulation, vengeance, and broken aches The characters have something very similar to all the others in the short stories They all have difficult pasts and are desperately trying to escape from the inevitable until they realize too late, they can t outrun fate If you re looking for an interesting read with a new genre of writing, then this book should be on your order list Amazing, riveting, unique, and innovative I received an ARC for The End and Other Beginnings by Edelweiss for an exchange of an honest review.

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    You can find the full review and all the fancy and or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight 4.5 I enjoyed this short story collection so much that I might be ready to forgive Veronica for Allegiant In seriousness, it was so entertaining, and really quite thought provoking Sure, some of the stories I liked than others, but they were all quality, all were so well developed that it hardly felt like I was reading short stories at all I fell so in love with one story in particular Inertia, which happened to be the first story , that I might have sobbed in a bubble bath Just kidding, I definitely sobbed during a bubble bath I tell you this because that is how powerful these stories felt How did I care about these characters in such a short amount of time That s pretty magical, frankly And since a few stories are set in the world of Carve the Mark , guess that means I am getting to that sooner than later too Bottom Line These stories will entertain, and make you feel They re exciting, but they re also very human, reminding us of who we are regardless of where in the universe we end up.

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    3.5 starsThis whole book of short stories has a futuristic feel, sometimes a little dystopian and sometimes a little Sci fi One story I loved, some I liked and some I didn t What is special about this book of shorts is that it is illustrated The illustrations are gorgeous, so much so that I bookmarked most of them so that I could go back and look at them again They add a lot to the story and definitely help with visualisation Here is a flavour of three of the stories.Inertia was a story steeped in some mental health issues, grief, loss and things unsaid This story gripped me immediately as two friends were confronted with mortality It was both hopeless and hopeful This story of firsts and friendships in a backdrop of futuristic death rituals was my favourite.The Spinners had a feel of the THE HOST but executing the world in a short story was a tall order So this one crashed and burned a bit for me I found it a little boring and I didn t feel the connection between the siblings or other character.Harken was a super interesting concept but it felt a bit unfinished I wanted to know so much about the world, the bio bombs and the giftings A longer story would have done this justice.Overall this was a book that you could dip in and out of Not all the stories appealed to me but they might to some Considering how stunning the illustrations are in the ebook, I am only imagine how they will translate even better into a physical book.Thank you to Harper Collins for this early review copy.This review can be found on A Take From Two Cities Blog here.

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    5 stars I am a bit of a Veronica Roth fangirl so when I saw this new book I got instantly excited and nervous Would it be good as the divergent and carve the mark series I can thankfully say that yes, it is.This book is made up of short stories, a few based in the Carve the Mark world, which I loved as I am always happy to learn about my favourite worlds and characters and they did not let me down I also adored all of the other short stories, which were all completely different to the others It was an absolute treat for me, I just wish I had read it as a physical book and not an e book as it looks like the illustrations would be awesome I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review from netgalley.

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    I firstly want to say that I was a huge fan of the divergent series so I was very excited to be reading new Veronica Roth material I m not generally a fan of short stories simply because I like immersing myself into the story and you can t do that in just a few pages series girl here however I really enjoyed most of the stories in this collection and didn t feel cheated Each story Has it s own unique setting and storyline with my favourite being Hearken I would love to delve into that world I also really liked the illustrations and found that they explained things within the story that I otherwise wouldn t have fully imagined I received a free copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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