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She-Hulk #7 She Hulk Wikipediahttps Enmpedia Wiki She HulkShe Hulk Marvel Database FANDOM Powered By Wikiahttps Marvelfandom Wiki She Hulk TraduireAs The Cousin Of Bruce Banner, Jen Walters Received Her Abilities When She Had A Transfusion Of Blood From Her Gamma Powered Cousin She Usually Has The Ability To Change Into Her She Hulk Miss Hulk Wikipdiahttps Frmpedia Wiki MissHulkShe Hulk Character Comic Vinehttps Comicvinemespot She Hulk TraduireShe Hulk And Other Heroes In Secret Wars She Hulk Has Played Many Roles In Her Comics Career Her Early Portrayal In Her Solo Series Made Her She HulkBD, Informations, Cotes Bedetheq Https Bedetheque SerieBD She Hulk Ml Vous Utilisez Adblock Ou Un Autre Logiciel Qui Bloque Les Zones Publicitaires Ces Emplacements Publicitaires Sont Une Source De Revenus Indispensable She HulkThe Big Green Lady YouTubehttps Myoutube Watch V RZMbbUKyw TraduireLegendado Em Portugus Subtitulado Alshe Hulkhttpsshe Hulk S K She Hulk Il Ne Reste Plus Queexemplaire S En Stock D Autres Exemplaires Sont En Cours D AcheminementHot Pictures Of She Hulk One Of The Hottest Marvel Https Bestofcomicbooks She Hulk Hot Pictures Sexy TraduireShe Hulk Is One Of The Hottest Women In The Marvel Universe And Is An Epitome Of Super Strength So, While We Are Talking About This Hot Woman, We Want To Now Take You On A Ride Through A She Hulk Jennifer Walters EarthMarvel Database FANDOM Https Marvelfandom Wiki JenniferWalters EarthTraduireShe Hulk Spotted The Flaw And Save Herself And Her Father He Then Constructed A Massive Earth Boring Device Called The Betty Ross Wikipdiahttps Frmpedia Wiki BettyRoss Alias Elizabeth Ross Banner, Harpy, Mr Blue, Red She Hulk Espce Humaine Activit Espionne, Scientifique Famille Thunderbolt Ross Pre Karen Lee

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    I had no idea who Hank Pym was but this was a very enjoyable issue and Pulido is back to drawing so I don t have to put up with Wimberly s ugly art.

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    I know there are readers out there who prefer long form stories that go on and on but there s something to be said about the one off, standalone issues They can be really fun and brilliant in their own way and there s something quite wonderful about reading a well conceived self contained story in one, rather than reading a bridge issue or whatever So I m delighted with She Hulk 7 for a number of reasons 1 Javier Pulido is back on art duties with Muntsa VIcente colouring, 2 Charles Soule is still writing up a storm, 3 it s a standalone ish, and 4 She Hulk kicks off her second arc with a spectacularly fun story A scientist character called Rufus who s working in the same building as Jen s law firm, and whom we glimpsed briefly earlier in the series, has been working on a shrink ray He s ready to sell the tech but his partner isn t in protest, the partner has shrunk himself and run off Enter She Hulk and Hellcat as they team up with Ant Man to go on a miniature adventure to track down the missing tiny scientist Doesn t that sound great It s like a classic Marvel comic, all goofy and fun and it is Like after Hank Pym s abducted by a sparrow early on, Patsy tries on the Ant Man helmet to speak to the ants and find out where the missing scientist could be, but immediately struggling, saying that it s like talking to a million four year olds at once and they all want sugar How s that for bringing to the reader what the Ant Man experience is like While Soule s writing is as top...

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    Bullet Review Absolutely fantastic Love the quirky art style and She Hulk is definitely her own character, despite bearing some similarities history to Bruce Banner.

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    Hallelujah That other artist is gone and Pulido s back Phew.The artwork is back to being lovely, shiny, and the page spreads are beautiful And She Hulk is once again looking like the Green Goddess she is So, the story Patsy and Jennifer are in Rufus s lab He happens to be a guy whose business is located in the same building as Jennifer s Anyway, he s showing them one of his creations the Shrinko A device that can make things small Except, his partner s upset at the moment and decided to use it on himself And if they don t find him soon, he ll blow up At least that s what Hank Pym reckons So with Ant Man in tow, Hellcat accompanie...

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    This issue was great The story line was Honey I Shrunk the Kids crossed with classic Marvel The writer is doing a good job of exploring She Hulk and Hellcat s work relationship I love this series, but She Hulk is my favorite Marvel character.

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    La historia empieza de forma maravillosa, mostrando una perspectiva at pica y cotidiana de una super hero na, lo cual era fresco e interesante Pero lamentablemente despu s del tomo 5 6 la historia se volvi un poco err tica e inconsistente.

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    So glad they brought back Javier Pulido as the artist I m enjoying the story but Wimberley was kiling me Pulido isn t my favorite Shulkie artist but at least she doesn t look like a man any.

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    YAY Finally Hellcat gets to prove herself She s still my favorite even if she doesn t have powers

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