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Archie - Free comic book day 2016 Comic Superstars Mark Waid And Fiona Staples Reimagine An Icon In This Special FCBD Reprint Of The Best Selling First Issue Of Archie Change Has Come To Riverdale In The Can T Miss Kick Off To Archie S New Ongoing Series As The New School Year Approaches, You D Think Archie Andrews Would Be Looking Forward To Classes And Fun But Nothing Is As It Seems In The Little Town Of Riverdale Is This A One Off, Or A Sign Of Bigger Changes Awaiting America S Favorite Teens And The Entire Town Find Out In This Exciting, Remarkable And Critically Acclaimed First Issue Script Mark WaidArt Fiona Staples, Andre Szymanowicz With Jen Vaughn, Jack MorelliRating Teen

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    Everything s Archie and it s goooood This is the Free Comic Book Day edition of ALL NEW Archie 1 given free in the event of 2016, featuring two stories, the main one about Archie, and as an extra bonus, a sample of Jughead 1. The general rating is an average sum of the ratings given to both stories contained in this comic book.Creative Teams ARCHIE 1Rating 5 stars Writer Mark WaidIllustrator Fiona Staples JUGHEAD 1 SAMPLE Rating 3 stars Writer Chip ZdarskyIllustrator Erica Henderson ARCHIE S HERE AGAIN AND READY FOR THE NEW MILLENIUM I wish everybody would stop looking for a villain in this. Welcome back to Riverdale This is the NEW Riverdale Archie s back for a new generation, remaining true to its original essence.The secret of updating a classic in my humble opinion is to understand what really needs to be updated and leaving the rest as it was originally created It s not that hard to grasp, but many creative teams don t do that Luckily, the winning team of Waid and Staples developed a brilliant re introduction of this classic comic book to the audiences of the new millenium Even the story isn t only told with the Waid s words but also through the Staples images Awesome first issue.Archie s here, Betty s here, Veronica too but in the issue 2, I guess , Reggie s here and yep, Jughead too And may...

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    I was one of those kids who always begged her mom to get the newest Archie comic in the checkout lane at the grocery store I loved Jughead He now kind of reminds me of Shaggy from Scooby Doo Anyway, I was always Team Betty Was anyone actually Team Veronica Apparently, now has Prime Reading and this was available, so I had to try it It s very short, only 32 pages or so So really, it s all set up and there wasn t much plot In this remake,...

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    It s not easy to update a character like Archie who is outdated almost by definition, but Waid Staples somehow pull it off by delivering just the right level of cheesiness it s fun and feels or less contemporary, you know, but it s still Archie Well done

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    In this day of revamps, reboots, and retro love, it s not hard to belive that, after 75 years, an ARchie reboot was mandated.But, what IS hard to believe is how little they actually needed to change to make this timeless character compelling and relevant for a new generation Yes, they added the trappings of modern day society Cell phones, apps, hashtags, etc , but at it s heart, this is still the same Archie we all know and love.With all credit to the spectacular creative team of Mark Waid and Fiona Staples both of whom are legendary comic icons , this comic really sparkles from front cover to back Even if you only have a passing familia...

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    4.5 5 stars I just read this on my train ride home, it was so good I ve never read any of the Archie Comics before so I was excited to start the new series The art is by Fiona Staples, who does the art for Saga So I was really diggin that I ll definitely be checking out the next issue

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    I have never read the original Archie comics So of course, I m reading this because of the Riverdale TV series image error

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    I ve been reading Archie comics since I was a kid They re some of the first comics I started reading Life distracted me and I haven t been reading Archie or any related titles for years, but I still think fondly of them When I heard about this reboot, and who the creative team would be, I got pretty excited Mark Waid has written some awesome stuff Princess Leia s one of my favourite series , and Fiona Staples art is gorgeous Take a closer look at her cover for this issue It s easy to tell this is Fiona Staples art Characters look pretty cool and I m liking the modern appearance to everything And at least now I can understand why ladies would be romantically interested in him He s a good looking guy who plays guitar, capable of a long term, committed relationship And I have a thing for redhea...

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    I loved this Really, really, I LOVED this I ve been reading Archie comics since I was a child It s something that is mindlessly fun like The Simpsons where all characters and their situations end up EXACTLY as it was at the start of the comic It s an endless loop of sameness For that time, it was perfect Re reading it now, in my adulthood, I found it not quite as enjoyable But this, was a much needed reboot Usually, I say, leave the classics alone But, Waid and his team have clearly improved on it These timeless chara...

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    What An archie comic reboot just after watching the riverdale tv show Yes please

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    This was everything I wanted it to be and I m in love 3

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