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More Than Anything (Magnolia Beach, #3) From The USA Todaybestselling Author Of Everything At Last Comes The Third In The Delightful Magnolia Beach Series, A Tale Of Two Hearts Adrift Finding Love In The Most Unlikely Of Situations The Small, Waterfront Town Of Magnolia Beach, Alabama, Gets Its Fair Share Of Tourists Breezing In And Out, But One Handsome Visitor Might Just Be Tempted To Stay Running The Bay Breeze Marina Means Shelby Tanner Is Used To Fielding Strange Requests From Vacationers, But She Is Still Less Than Amused When She Gets A Call In The Middle Of The Night To Rescue A Boat Stranded Nearby The Clueless Sailor Is Infuriatingly Inexperienced Yet Also Frustratingly Attractive Architect Declan Hyde Only Planned On Stopping In Alabama Briefly On His Move From Chicago To Miami, But Magnolia Beach Is Proving To Be Captivating Than He Imagined For One Thing, There S The Sweet, Southern Charm For Another, There S The Stunning Tomboy Who Rescued Him From The Bay And Keeps Invading His Thoughts As The Time Draws Near For Declan To Weigh Anchor, He Begins To Realize That Shelby May Have Saved Than His Boat That Night And Leaving Magnolia Beach Might Set His Lonely Heart Permanently Adrift

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    You know those small town lonely heart tv series movies you see on Lifetime, LMN, and Hallmark That s More Than Anything in a nutshell I loved Shelby and Declan together because it brought out a lot of that sass out of Shelby and than a little growth in Declan I love Langs comedic voice She captures sarcasm and exasperation perfectly but what she really does best is depicting how much her characters grow both as individuals and as a couple once Shelby sees past Declans frustrating ignorance and his than attractive exterior to the man inside Shelby kind of grounds Declan and opens both his heart and...

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the Magnolia Beach series by Kimberly Lang, and More Than Anything didn t disappoint Her well rounded characters were emotionally engaging and had you rooting for Shelby and Declan s happy ever after Escape the winter cold in Magnolia Beach with this great read

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    More Than Anything by Kimberly Lang is the 3rd book in her Magnolia Beach series Shelby Tanner is our heroine in this book, and we met her in the first book of this series Shelby runs the Bay Breeze marina for her family, and she loves her job, even if she is always on call In the middle of the night, she gets an emergency call for help from a vacationer stranded on a boat Declan Hyde, our hero, is the stranger who needs to be rescued by Shelby Declan comes across as a loner, since people in Magnolia Beach never see him, including Shelby Declan is an architect, who is starting a new job in Miami in a couple of months His friend loaned him the boat to stay on, and Declan keeps to himself, reading and watching tv Shelby finds him strange, but is determined to teach Declan how to use the controls on the boat in an emergency What follows is a friendship that will blossom into a scorching romance Both Declan and Shelby know this is short term only, but they are enjoying the benefits Declan, with Shelby s persuasion, gets himself out into the town and meets all the townsfolk, including the overprotective Tanner family It was fun to watch Shelby s family especially her brother and cousins who put pressure on Declan In time, Declan learns about Shelby, her life as the only Tanner girl, and her secret plans to upgrade the marina Of course, Shelby never thinks anyone will pay attention to he...

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    Amanda s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsIf you enjoy small town stories you will definitely love More than Anything It is the 3rd story in this series and it brings you back to Magnolia Beach where everyone knows everything about you and has a hard time letting you forget Shelby Tanner knows that for a fact considering she has lived there her whole life and family and friends have a hard time letting go She runs the marina and was woken up during the night because a person has stranded his boat nearby Turns out Declan Hyde has been staying aboard a boat at her marina, and doesn t know the first thing about boats Declan is a man in transition moving to Miami from Chicago and is taking time for himself waiting for his new job to start in January City boy meets small town girl I like this premise and it works for Shelby and Declan because he s out of element in Magnolia Beach so she shows him life in a small town Declan doesn t have close family and Shelby has hers in abundance He has big goals and dreams and she is content to live her life in a small coastal tourist town They feel an attraction and both know it would just be temporary He really gets to know the real Shelby that she keeps hidden and with his encouragement she takes a stand for herself with good results It feels good when you see growth in the characters and that lightbulb moment when they realize what makes them happy It was a slow and sweet romance between Declan and Shelby a...

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    Kimberly Lang has a distinct writing style that draws me quickly and easily into her world every time and her latest Magnolia Beach novel, More Than Anything, is no exception I have loved Magnolia Beach from the first book and always look forward to a visit I was not disappointed Lang artfully dealt with sensitive subjects, dysl...

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    This is the 3rd book in Kimberly Lang s Magnolia Beach series We first meet Shelby in the first book Something to Prove and see her personality In this book, we see how her family treats her as she s the only girl in a family full of boys men She loves working at the family business at the marina.Declan seems strange to most of the natives there he is staying on a boat but has no knowledge of h...

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    More Than Anything is the third book in Kimberly Lang s Magnolia Beach series We got a taste of Shelby in the first book, and I really enjoyed seeing her personality shine in this third installment Declan is certainly an interesting fellow who seems so out of place in this small beach town I enjoyed seeing his character come to life I also appreciate getting glimpses of past characters and what they are up to n...

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    Review coming soon.

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    4 1 2 stars Number 3 in my 4 NRCA books.I LOVED Shelby Tanner Although most of the Tanner men her brother Jamie and Cousin s drove me crazy with the way they treated Shelby I did like her Dad, Mom, what little we got of them And her cousin Ryan The mayor of Magnolia Beach And I absolutely adored Declan Hyde I absolutely loved the premise of this story and that Shelby, the heroine was the one to rescue the hero, Declan I liked their chemistry I liked that it ...

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