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Tale as Old as Time: The Art and Making of Beauty and the BeastThe Beauty And The Beast Legend Has A Universal Appeal The Tale Exists In Numerous Versions Throughout The World In The West, It S Best Known From The Seventeenth And Eighteenth Centuries French Versions, Which Walt Disney Considered Animating During The Late 1930s Disney Gave Up On The Idea, As He Felt The Original Story Was Too Claustrophobic And Lacking In Action Revisited In The 1980s, The Animated Disney Beauty And The Beast Has Several False Starts It Was First Conceived As An Eighteenth Century Period Piece, Directed By The British Husband And Wife Team Richard And Jill Purdum After Some Changes, Two New Directors, Kirk Wise And Gary Trousdale, Were Put In Charge Although He Was Initially Reluctant To Do Another Animated Film After The Little Mermaid, The Late Howard Ashman Came On Board Shortly After The New Directors Over Many Months, The Characters And Story Gradually Took Form But There Were Many Changes And Wrong Turns Sequences Were Created, Reworked, Cut, And Added As The Film Gradually Emerged After All Of Its Ups And Downs, The Animated Beauty And The Beast Was Released In 1991 To Rave Reviews And Record Breaking Business The Film Was Widely Hailed As A Technical And Aesthetic Breakthrough It Was The First Of Only Three Animated Features Ever To Be Nominated For The Oscar For Best Picture Its Success Has Since Spun Into A Smash Broadway Musical Adaptation, Intricately Detailed Environments At The Disney Parks, And A Live Action Movie Musical Directed By Bill Condon This Authoritative Book Features Interviews With Artists, Producers, Directors, Writers, Actors, And From The Various Beloved Installments Making It A Treasure Trove Of Delights For Fans Of The Tale As Old As Time.

!!> BOOKS ✵ Tale as Old as Time: The Art and Making of Beauty and the Beast ✫ Author Charles Solomon – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Tale as Old as Time: The Art and Making of Beauty and the Beast
  • Charles Solomon
  • 14 January 2017
  • 9781484758373

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    L m t fan cu ng c a c u chuy n c t ch Beauty and the Beast c ng nh b phim ho t h nh v b n phim live action c a Disney, n n khi bi t n cu n s ch n y, t i mua ngay kh ng ch n ch Cu n s ch kh ng d y nh ng c s c n ng l n, khi n t m t t l i m t c ch chi ti t c ch m nh ng nh l m phim Disney l m n n b phim ho t h nh Beauty and the Beast n i ti ng c a h c ng nh b n phim ng i ng nh th n o, khi m c t truy n Giai nh n y u Qu i v t xu t hi n v c d ng th nh r t nhi u s n ph m i n nh nhi u qu c gia kh c nhau tr n th gi i.C u chuy n Beauty and the Beast c m t trong nhi u n n v n h a d i nh ng d b n kh c nhau, v l n u ti n n c xu t b n d i d ng s ch l th ng qua truy n ng n Beauty and the Beast c a t c gi ng i Ph p Gabrielle Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve Sau , b n ti u thuy t c ch p b t b i Jeanne Marie Leprince de Beaumont gi p c u chuy n Beauty and the Beast tr n n n i ti ng to n th gi i N m 1947, o di n Jean Cocteau ng i Ph p cho ra i m t trong nh ng b n phim n i ti ng nh t c a c u chuy n n y, v t , c t truy n Beauty and the Beast c Disney l u t m n Qua nhi u l n h p h nh, l a ch n o di n, ch nh s a k ch b n, p i l m l i , th v sai, m i t i n m 1991, Disney m i c th cho xu t x ng b n phim ho t h nh c a Beauty and the Beast do ch nh h l m l k t tinh c ng s c c a h ng tr m h a s c ng r t nhi u c i u t duy kh c, mong mu n em l i c ...

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    More pictures at parkablogs.com This book reminded me of the oversized art books Disney used to published for Mulan, Pocahontas, Hercules, etc Although not as large as those predecessors, the feeling of familiarity really comes from the content This is a Disney book after all There are plenty of beautiful art to be seen The pages are filled with sketches, storyboards, animation drawings, production drawings, background art, photos of Disney artists at work The print quality is nice.A lot of names are mentioned and there s no doubt Disney has some of the most talented artists around Story artist Brenda Chapman is amazing at capturing the nuances, expressions and feelings of the characters with her storyboards There are also production paintings from Hans Bacher that set the visual style for the film The animation line drawings from the ...

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    What a truly stunning, magnificent, wonderful book I m a fan of the series of books The Art Of , but this is much, much than that An honest tale of the creation of this classic movie, with all the stops and stalls, the problems, the fighting, and the moments of glory It s filled with wonderful images, but even wonderful text I m not that visual a person The fact that it was written twenty years after the release allows for distance, honesty, plus talk of the Broadway show, the 3D rerelease, etc I feel like I already knew much of the story, thanks to DVD Blu ray releases that are also tremendously filled with bonus features, but it was a pleasure to read look at all the same One of my favorite tidbits was Brenda Chapman s involment in it with few ladies on a team creating a romance, it was nice to see her influence, particularly now that we know she went on to direct Brave...

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    Things I learned 1 They argued a lot over this film Tensions were very high Much yelling I don t know that I would have liked to be a part of it.2 Don Bluth s idea for the retelling sounded so good He was going off of G.K s quote, A thing must be loved before it is lovable 3 Making a movie is hard.4 They trick you by putting the best concept art on page one.5 I want concept art The text was good, but make the book twice as long and...

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    A good book for the fans of Beauty and the Beast It tells how all of it started and how they created the movies.

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    I ve always been a Disney girl Growing up, Belle was one of my favorite princesses As a kid, I had a prop box full of things like a fake rose in a vase, my old Dorothy Halloween costume it looked enough like Belle s blue dress to me , and a stuffed My Little Pony tied to a stick that I would pull out whenever I wanted to play I had recorded Beauty and the Beast off the TV onto a cassette tape and written out every line of Belle s and the prompt beforehand with my pink, purple, and blue Lisa Frank pens the third color for the song lyrics, the others for the aforementioned two line types I recently found that notebook, too, and can t bring myself to throw it away I would become Belle in my room back before I even knew what acting or stage theatre waas Belle had brown hair like me and read a lot the way I did and her name also started with a B I loved Belle I wanted to be her when I grew up Today, I still hold a soft spot for the character several figurines of her and Ariel, my other favorite adorn my dresser The moment I laid eyes on Tale as Old as Time The Art and Making of Beauty and the Beast at my local BN, I knew I had to have it Its looks alone drew me over to it The cover is purple my favorite color and has the scene of Belle and Beast dancing The rose is etched in gold on the back cover Not only that, the movie just re released on Blu R...

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    If your looking for an amazing art book, then DON T buy this book This book has very little art of the film Beauty and the Beast I purchased this book because I though it would follow a similar format of the Studio Ghibli art books, but I was wrong This book explains in detail the entire history and making of the Disney film production of Beauty and the Beast , from the deveoplement of the morderen day version of the fairy tale from the earliest original copy, to the progression of Beauty and the Beast as a Broadway production This book reveals the uncertain and caotic atmosphere that surrounded Disney at the time of this films making This book even goes as far as to go into detail about the Disney Take over in the 80 s and the era of Disney animation that is not remembered very fondly Even though I found most of the information interesting and by the end I had really settled in to the idea of having to read this book, this book is ...

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    I m an expert on all things Beauty and the Beast but this had plenty of information about its creation to refresh my memory Absolutely gorgeous artwork and pictures are paired with a comprehensive guide to the film s creation I want this for my personal collection.

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    Not the best as Disney art books go, but still pretty great.

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    If you LOVE the animated tale this book provides an excellent non fiction account of how the how Disney s Beauty and the Beast came to be There is some much packed into this book I love the pictures of concept art, animation This book is great because it includes the anim...

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