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Lady Helen and The Dark Days ClubNew York Times Bestseller Alison Goodman S Eagerly Awaited New Project A Regency Adventure Starring A Stylish And Intrepid Demon Hunter London, April 1812 On The Eve Of 18 Year Old Lady Helen Wrexhall S Presentation To The Queen, One Of Her Family S Housemaids Disappears And Helen Is Drawn Into The Shadows Of Regency London There, She Meets Lord Carlston, One Of The Few Who Can Stop The Perpetrators A Cabal Of Demons Infiltrating Every Level Of Society Dare She Ask For His Help, When His Reputation Is Almost As Black As His Lingering Eyes And Will Her Intelligence And Headstrong Curiosity Wind Up Leading Them Into A Death Trap

[PDF / Epub] ☃ Lady Helen and The Dark Days Club By Alison Goodman – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Hardcover
  • 496 pages
  • Lady Helen and The Dark Days Club
  • Alison Goodman
  • English
  • 05 May 2018
  • 9780670067534

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    In 1812, Prinny had been regent for one year Britain was on the brink of war with America, and in its tenth year of almost continuous war with France and its emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte None of these countries, however, knew there was another, even older war being waged. Alison Goodman did not disappoint.In some ways, this book reminds me of Donnelly s These Shallow Graves the setting, the mystery that emerges, and the heroine who is strong willed but feels true to the time though I think Goodman s work is even better written and layered And there is a paranormal twist.What I like most about Goodman is that her ideas truly feel fresh Her fantasy duology Eon Dragoneye Reborn and Eona The Last Dragoneye does not follow the same formula as all other YA fantasies Her sci fi novel Singing the Dogstar Blues is also very different Rather than running with the ideas of others, I always feel like she brings something new to the genres she writes in The Dark Days Club is no different Goodman once again introduces her own unique mythology, blended into the shadows of 19th century London In this world, Lady Helen Wrexhall must come to terms with the fact that she may be destined for than high society parties and marrying a Duke She may have to face the reality that there is to the world than she had first thought But how can she do wh...

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    London, late April 1812 a month that had seen violent civil unrest, savage battles on the Continent, and the rumblings of aggression from the new American nation It was also the month in which Queen Charlotte after a two year hiatus returned to the practice of holding drawing rooms for the presentation of young ladies into high society A battleground of a different kind. My goodness, this book was delightful It s got everything I like Historical romance Check Magic Check Murder Check That s not to say that something with all of these elements is bound to be good, because clearly other books with fantastic elements have gone awfully, terribly wrong, but this book did it just right And boy was it fun to read.Young Lady Helen is about to make her debut in society presented to the Queen, no less, when people start disappearing As a young noblewoman, people expect her to say Ain t nobody got time for that Helen, being the intelligent girl that she is, decides to not leave it be and actually figure out wtf is going on Otherwise we wouldn t have a book, now, would we Interspersed between the normal Regency stuff like balls Almack s and manners and possibilities of ruining one s prospects is the myste...

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    Pride and Prejudice meets the Infernal Devices.Alright, it s not exactly like Pride and Prejudice There is no Mr Darcy, only an infuriating earl that may of may not have killed his wife And there is no Elizabeth, only a girl whose curiosity leads her to an underground demon hunting cult, but is too reluctant to follow her call The resemblances lie in the vivid and detailed depiction of the English society, with its etiquette, its balls and fancy gowns and dreams of marriage, all of them wrapped up in a ribbon of propriery, that demands from women obedience and good manners, with as little brain and spirit as possible No, you are not an angel, Lady Helen You are a Reclaimer As you may have realized, the story follows Lady Helen, a young woman who must try her best to secure a wealthy husband who will overlook the scandals and secrets that surround her dead mother And her debut would be truly successful, if only she could quell her restlessness, her inability to sit idly and obey orders, when her soul longs for something else, something she can not comprehend Until she meets the mysterious and infamous Lord Carlston, a man dangerous ...

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    Holy moly, this book was so great Amazing research, really fun characters and such an original idea I read it because I am going on tour with Alison Goodman and now I m just going to meet her and fangirl and she s going to be like who are you, please go away.

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    It s no surprise that this book is terrific every Allison Goodman story includes a world that comes alive in a way few books do Paranormal Regency London shimmers with whirling silk skirts and is bound by careful decorum, yet our heroine finds herself defying everything she s been taught when she experiences powerful magic for the first time and is drawn into a web of intrigue and danger.I m surprised to find that I do have a couple of reservations about the book...

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    My favorite thing about The Dark Days Club is the historical accuracy It is very clear from the first page that there was a great deal of research that went into this book There were moments, places, and people in history I recognized The setting feels so real with the incredible amount of detail included It felt like I had traveled back to London 1812 I even found myself learning things This is exactly what I want from a historical fiction book and Alison Goodman brought it.The introduction provides some historical background to our story helping to show where we are at in the time period It also presents the story well in terms of what is going on in society The rest of the book follows Lady Helen She lives with her aunt and uncle because her parents died ten years prior Lady Helen is preparing to be presented to the queen, something her uncle hopes to go well so she secures a husband this season Her mother is a rud traitor to England, which could only taint the family name The things expected from a woman in the 1800s are so restricting I found myself getting so angry for Lady Helen, even though I get that this is just the way society was When her uncle said something about the basis of femininity being obedience..no words I am just so glad to have the freedoms we do today.Even with the amount of detail, each chapter had something that really kept me reading Lady Helen has so...

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    Imagine if, since the day you were born, someone has been telling you that all you are ever meant to be is fashionable, womanly, a wife and a mother But then someone unexpected comes into your life and shatters all you thought you knew about the world Suddenly, you have options You can still marry, if that is your wish, and lead a mostly comfortable life.Or you can fight demons.To Lady Helen, it is not an easy choice, and she struggles with it for the entire book Every time she thinks she has figured out her destiny and is about to make the final decision, something or someone comes along and messes with her mind again.I m not surprised this doesn t have readers It takes a long time to finish I could have sincerely read two books in the time I read this one The pacing is uneven, so there are faster passages, but the majority are pretty descriptive, and so, rather slow.But I learned to appreciate them and, in consequence, Goodman s writing style It shows that she made a tremendous amount of research before writing this story It s been a long time since I heard of doctors bleeding their ...

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    . 1812 Dark Days. 1812 Sometimes there is no good choice 3 1812 2016 The Diviners 1 2016 10 2016 Dec 2013 Dec 2014 Dec 2015

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    3.5 Maybe it s because I just wasn t in the mood for it, but I found this to be so so slow It had a great atmosphere, great characters, great historical aspects, but I just felt like I was being dragged alon...

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    I m already 16 books behind, and this is the 9th book I m putting on my current read.I gotta get it together LOL.Please let this be awesome I don t remember why I added it, but let s go HOLY SHIT THIS BOOK IS INSANE And I Am For It.PlotI have never quite read a YA like this I love the historical aspect which the author has clearly done a good amount of research on , the romance I ship it , the engaging plot it s creative and kinda creepy , the mystery did not see any of that coming , the paranormal aspect some seriously weird shit , and the characters Helen, while not perfect, was pretty badass especially for a woman in the 1800s.It starts out rather slow, but by a quarter in, it gets way better By the end of the book, I was quite literally at the edge of my seat I didn t know what to expect to happen This only makes me curious on how the later books will be like because I seriously have no clue what is going to happen I have not read many YA historical fiction, but if I do read a historical fiction, it tends to be focused on the romance This book has romance, but it definitely is plot driven than anything else Helen makes many discoveries throughout the book, while initially trying to find her missi...

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