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Go Set a WatchmanFrom Harper Lee Comes A Landmark New Novel Set Two Decades After Her Beloved Pulitzer Prize Winning Masterpiece, To Kill A Mockingbird Maycomb, Alabama Twenty Six Year Old Jean Louise Finch Scout Returns Home From New York City To Visit Her Aging Father, Atticus Set Against The Backdrop Of The Civil Rights Tensions And Political Turmoil That Were Transforming The South, Jean Louise S Homecoming Turns Bittersweet When She Learns Disturbing Truths About Her Close Knit Family, The Town And The People Dearest To Her Memories From Her Childhood Flood Back, And Her Values And Assumptions Are Thrown Into Doubt Featuring Many Of The Iconic Characters From To Kill A Mockingbird, Go Set A Watchman Perfectly Captures A Young Woman, And A World, In A Painful Yet Necessary Transition Out Of The Illusions Of The Past A Journey That Can Be Guided Only By One S Conscience Written In The Mid 1950s, Go Set A Watchman Imparts A Fuller, Richer Understanding And Appreciation Of Harper Lee Here Is An Unforgettable Novel Of Wisdom, Humanity, Passion, Humor And Effortless Precision A Profoundly Affecting Work Of Art That Is Both Wonderfully Evocative Of Another Era And Relevant To Our Own Times It Not Only Confirms The Enduring Brilliance Of To Kill A Mockingbird, But Also Serves As Its Essential Companion, Adding Depth, Context And New Meaning To An American Classic.

[[ EPUB ]] ✸ Go Set a Watchman Author Harper Lee – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Paperback
  • 341 pages
  • Go Set a Watchman
  • Harper Lee
  • English
  • 05 March 2019
  • 9780062433657

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    The best thing I can say about Go Set a Watchman is that no one will ever accuse it of being written by Truman Capote For those living in a cave, Go Set a Watchman is a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird, the book that popularized the white people end racism narrative so maligned in The Help but still celebrated in To Kill a Mockingbird However, it isn t exactly a sequel The alleged story is that Harper Lee wrote this book first, and it was rejected by publishers These publishers were right Go Set a Watchman is a terrible book The book is difficult to review because it was never meant to be published Today, it is of a historical document than a novel But this is Goodreads not Goodtexts, and as a readable novel, Go Set a Watchman fails miserably spoilers abound, y all This initial effort by Harper Lee lacks the personality, humor, rich description, and gift of dialog present in To Kill a Mockingbird Go Set a Watchman is in the same league as sub par YA fiction today Its 26 year old Jean Louise Scout Finch is incredibly selfish, obnoxious, and charmless, i.e in her twenties Plot is non existent Any attempts at humor fall flat The writing is often...

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    Now think about this What would happen if all the Negroes in the South were suddenly given full civil rights I ll tell you There d be another Reconstruction Would you want your state governments run by people who don t know how to run em Do you want this town run by now wait a minute Willoughby s a crook, we know that, but do you know of any Negro who knows as much as Willoughby Zeebo d probably be Mayor of Maycomb Would you want someone of Zeebo s capability to handle the town s money We re outnumbered, you know Honey, you do not seem to understand that the Negroes down here are still in their childhood as a people You should know it, you ve seen it all your life They ve made terrific progress in adapting themselves to white ways, but they re far from it yet They were coming along fine, traveling at a rate they could absorb, of em voting than ever before Then the NAACP stepped in with its fantastic demands and shoddy ideas of government can you blame the South for resenting being told what to do ...

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    First, let me say that this book IN NO WAY affected my opinion of To Kill A Mockingbird If anything, it made me love it In my mind, it is even of a masterpiece from having read it s predecessor, or, as Harper Lee herself described it, the parent of Mockingbird And Harper Lee herself has lost no respect from me.The characters become even richer from seeing their future selves in Watchman There are scenes and dialogue here that showed up in her later effort She fleshed out some characters and limited others And forget the hype about Atticus being a racist He was a product of his times who thought that the South was not ready for complete equality of the races It was Alabama in 1955, for goodness sake He joined the Klan and went to a few meetings so he would know whose faces were under the hoods, in order to limit the harm they could do All the newspaper articles about this book failed to mention that little detail Atticus is still Atticus, but of a human being here, less of a saint Jean Louise has grown up, and like all kids in their 20 s, thinks she knows everything Dill and Jem make appearances via flashbacks, and we see another side of Calpurnia.We should bow down in reverence to the editor who suggested to Lee that she tell the story from Scout s childhood perspective It was a brilliant idea, Lee took the advice, and Mockingbird was brought into existence as the book so many of us hav...

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    2015 Goodreads Choice Winner Best Fiction So, I m not going to lie I was pretty excited when I found out that this book was coming out.I was even excited when it showed up at my house I know there is a whole controversy around this book but I just don t buy it I believe the story that was told No, I don t want to argue with you about it No, I don t want you to tell me why you re right No, I am not going to try to change your mind on the matter So, please don t think you ll change mine.I had the wonderful experience of reading To Kill a Mockingbird reread while reading this one It is absolutely the best thing you could do Reading them together allowed me to see it as one full story arc, rather than a book and its sequel It truly read like one book to me I always felt that TKAM was Atticus story I realize Scout is the one telling it, but it felt like it was his story GSAW feels like Scout s story Scout was always my favorite character from TKAM and perhaps that is why I enjoyed this one so much Scout is forced to face some harsh realities realities that turn her world upside down The hardest part of growing up is realizing the world is nothing like what you thought it was I remember facing these realities myself and I remember the devastating blows it delivered But a man who has lived by truth and you have believed in what he has lived he does not leave you merely wary when he fails y...

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    Review I think this quote really encapsulates both the tone of the book and peoples feelings when reading it The audience and Scout s nostalgia for what once was is a large part of the experience with this To Kill a Mockingbird sequel Things change, people change, and the lens of our childhood perceptions can be clouded with a rose tint that turns out to be not so consistent with reality Fair warning is given to those dear readers who grew up like Scout to idolize Atticus As you grew up, when you were grown, totally unknown to yourself, you confused your father with God You never saw him as a man with a man s heart, and a man s failings I ll grant you it may have been hard to see, he makes so few mistakes, but he makes em like all of us You were an emotional cripple, leaning on him, getting the answers from him, assuming that your answers would always be his answers p 265 Go Set a Watchman has neither the quaint small town feeling or the spooky mystery of Boo Radley, whose unexplained absence is suspect in itself is he dead and was he buried up the chimney Gone too is the middle grade tone, though there are plenty of oddly placed flashbacks to parts of Scout and Jem s teen y...

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    I am going to write a full review I think but oh this is not a novel and it was not ready for public consumption There is a faint glimmer of plot There IS something here but it is not coherent It is not robust Th...

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    Update 2 19 16Rest in peace, Scout feel I have to start off by pointing out that this isn t really a true sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird and you are going to be nothing but disappointed if that s what you re looking for From what I understand, this was the first draft of a book that Harper Lee submitted to her publisher in the late 50s Her editor wasn t so sure about it and suggested Lee write a different version of the story and that feedback ultimately led to To Kill A Mockingbird.I was excited to read this because To Kill A Mockingbird is absolutely and without a doubt my favorite book I was a reader long before I picked it up when I was 14, but it was the first book that made me stop and think about things like foreshadowing and character development It was the first book that genuinely moved me because I was so invested in the characters as something than just words on a page I know that s not a terribly unique opinion To be honest, it s so beloved that I sometimes actually feel kind of clich calling it my favorite So when this was announced, I knew it was either going to be wonderful or just so so I suspected that it was going to be the latter, given that Lee s editors initially sent her back to write a diffe...

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    edit in the original review of this novel I gave it three stars, after 24 hours of thinking about it I decided to upgrade it to four stars, thus giving it the same rating that I gave to To Kill A Mockingbird This book is the literary equivalent of those reunion episodes of Entertainment Tonight The whole cast of some old sitcom get together and you just spend the whole time thinking about how old everybody looks.The basic plot of this new sequel prequel first draft of To Kill A Mockingbird is that our beloved narrator, Scout now Jean Louise , is now in her twenties and returns from New York to visit her father, Atticus, in Maycomb However, Atticus has changed in these years and now hold views and opinions that greatly upset Jean Louise That s basically it.Reading the first page of this novel you are immediately dropped into the f...

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    Atticus Finch as racist There it is Tough to swallow, isn t it Atticus Finch, the embodiment of decency, brought to life in To Kill a Mockingbird, widely considered one of the greatest novels in American literature, magnificently brought to cinematic life by Gregory Peck in the film, defender of the powerless, dispenser of wisdom, a hero to generations of readers and movie goers, spouting opinions that do or should make most folks cringe Here are a few samples You realize that our Negro population is backward, don t you You will concede that You realize the full implications of the word backward don t you If the scales were tipped over, what would you have The county won t keep a full board of registrars, because if the Negro vote edged out the white you d have Negroes in every county office I d like my state to be left alone to keep house without advice from the NAACP, which knows next to nothing about its business and cares less do you want Negroes by the carload in our schools and churches and theaters Do you want them in our world So what are we to make of this First, let s step back from th...

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