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Sustainable Happiness We Re Bombarded By Messages Telling Us That , Bigger, And Better Things Are The Keys To Happiness So We Pile Up The Stuff, Pile On The Hours, And End Up Exhausted And Depressed On A Planet Full Of Trash Yes Magazine Has Been Exploring The Meaning Of Real Happiness For 18 Years, And In This Utterly Delightful Book, They Bring Together What Thoughtful Researchers And Thoughtful People Have Uncovered About Achieving Happiness That Lasts Each Chapter Takes A Different Approach And Tackles A Different Aspect Of Happiness, But All Lead To The Same Conclusion It Isn T Money Or Things That Make Us Happy, It S The Depth Of Our Relationships, The Quality Of Our Communities, The Contribution We Make Through The Work We Do, Our Ability To Enjoy A Healthy Natural World The Authors Discuss The Ways That Our Stories About Happiness And Well Being Define The Goals Of Individuals And Society And Offer Insights Readers Can Use In Their Own Lives To Enhance Their Long Term Well Being.

[[ BOOKS ]] ⚣ Sustainable Happiness  Author Sarah van Gelder – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Paperback
  • 168 pages
  • Sustainable Happiness
  • Sarah van Gelder
  • 09 April 2019
  • 9781626563292

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    I bought this in a Friends of the Library book sale It was a quick read considering they re magazine articles consolidated into a book on a subject that I ve been fascinated with This is a good book to have for instant inspirations.

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    This was a library book, but I may need to get a copy for myself, it had so much practical information in it While a lot of it was what I d read before for many years, I loved the anecdotes that illustrated the principles the neighborhood that surveyed residents, adults and children, about what interests and abilities they d like to learn about or could teach someone else, and then paired them up the incident in which restorative justice brought real healing and help to teacher, student, and parent the Karma Kitchen in which customers pay it forward My favorite was the story of the Hawaiian student who, when asked by facilitator Puanani Burgess to tell the story of his gift, at first angrily declared that he had none he didn t read well, he could do math, he was here because he was in this special ed class The facilitator felt terrible, devastated that he felt so shamed by the process But two weeks later, Burgess ran into him at the grocery store and he happily described his gift fishing He was proud of and grateful for his ability to put food on his family s table and to realize too when to stop, telling the shark, Uncle I not going take plenty fish I just going to take one, two fish just for my family All the rest I leave for you...

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    This book started out with solid research on happiness It went from research and actionable information to people talking about what makes them happy and case studies of awesome things that are unlikely to be implemented on a wider scale They also had minimal descriptions on how to actually do the things they say create sustainable happiness This book is also for a very privileged class of people, those with eno...

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    I picked out this book from a group of books on a shelf in our vacation bus camper outside of Marquette, MI I have been reading about simple living, letting go of stuff, and this book is about that but also about giving and community This is a great book of short essays on the benefits of sustainable living and maintaining happiness There are a lot of good ideas about how to be mindful and practice gratitude while moving away from consumerism and into a fulfilling, Earth friendly lifestyle A ...

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    Self help books are not appealing to me And I am unsure if this book falls into that genre but it definitely helped me frame my outlook on what being a realistic environmentalist participating in this capitalist co...

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    I just started subscribing to Yes Magazine and I feel like I have missed A LOT, so this helps It s kind of a best of on articles published in Yes over the years on the topic of sustainable happiness All of the articles are short, insightful and well written This is worth the time.

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    Some of the articles used were boring or kind of ignorant i.e not having to take antidepressants anyhey, some of us legit don t produce seratonin on our own But most of them were really informative and passionate Worth the read.

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    Nothing really new but good reminders quick read.

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    I love this book, read it twice already It has a lot of great ideas and it s perfect reminder about world around us and that we have to take care of it

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    Great selection of articles on happiness from Yes Magazine yesmagazine.org

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