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Unbind (Sub Rosa, #1) We Should Chase Away From What We Re Scared Of, Right Run As Fast As We Can Yet Some Of Us Seem To Veer Toward Chaos And Destruction Chloe Sees Anguish And Despair Lurking Beneath The Surface Of Cai Matthews, The Dark And Dangerously Handsome Freelance Photographer She Meets On Her First Day In A New Job She Can T See Straight In His Presence Blinded By A Blistering Sexual Attraction That Has The Potential To Sweep Her Clean Off Her Feet.When Cai Disappears From The Workplace And Doesn T Come Back, Chloe Tries To Find Out About His Life But All She Knows Is He S Set To Inherit A Ton Of Money And His Aunt Runs One Of The Most Famous Fashion Magazines In The World.Cai Is Running From A Complicated Past He Doesn T Like Talking About Gossip Columns Rage With Speculation Concerning Him And His Aunt, Who Took Guardianship Of Cai After His Parents Died.Conscientious Journalist Chloe Has A Mind For Details And Once She Gains Access To His World, Cai Realises She Could Undo Every, Single Dirty Little Secret That He And His Aunt Have Tried Desperately To Cover Up.

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    Love hate storyIn my opinion, a good book can make you love the characters one minute, yet loathe them the next and this is what this author did for me I haven t decided yet whether I ll read the next in the series, but this book was definitely a ride and a half

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    Excellent Story I never expected for this book to be so good The twist turns are still happening The only drawback is the story continues with 6 books Hats off to this writer for her subplots

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    Incredible story.This is an incredible story, so well written and well told that it was nearly impossible to put down A love story, a mystery and suspenseful it is very well worth reading.

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    Disclaimer Not suitable for younger readers Contains strong sexual content.In Unbind we have two characters running from their pasts for a fresh start An unexpected meeting creates an instant fire between the two but that same past they are running from is also the very thing that keeps them from opening up to the future.The story is surly a romantic tale with some very good erotica done tastefully so, romantic fans and erotica fans will both be satisfied with the book Now don t let the word erotica fill your head with biases of low frills myopic plot line centered on the carnal interactions of the characters Take out that content and you still have an enjoyable read Think of it as the icing on an already tasty cake.If I had any complaints, it would be that there are still a lot of questions to be answered Readers that follow my reviews know that I dislike stories that ...

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    Two people with pasts they are running away from end up colliding in this story and when they do there are sparks, heat, and fireworks Chloe leaves everything from her past behind including her job and the place she called home in order to start fresh This is working great until she meets another wounded soul, namely Cai I absolutely fell head over heels in love with both of them and when they are together, the heat steam comes right off the pages They may feel that their pasts are worth leaving there in order to move forward, but Cai s aunt has different ideas and wants them nowhere near each other This is part romance, part suspense, and part erotica and together combine for a perfect trifecta Strong characters make a strong story that much better and this is a story you will love to read over and over again You may need to because as you read it and th...

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    Sarah Lynch s characters are journalist Chloe and photographer artist Cai They have both grown up in dysfunctional families and have accompanying emotional baggage and scars to prove it They find solace and much for fans of erotica in each other s arms Naturally curious due to her newspaper background, Chloe is intent on finding out why Cai is so desperate to escape from the clutches of his aunt Jennifer As she begins to solve the mystery relationship between Jennifer and Jennifer s sister Claudia Cai s mother , Chloe starts to unravel Cai s family secrets and and also...

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    I received a copy of this book in return for leaving an honest review.Sarah is a new to me author, and after reading Unbind, I only have regret that I did not now of her sooner.Unbind was a total mind Just when you think you have things kinda sorta figured out it all get a flipped upside down It s one of the greatest things about this book It is a great combination of Romance and a Psychological thriller with delicious heap of erotica thrown in the mix I really freaking loved this book.While reading it it did seem to drag in spots but that was always soon forgotten And looking back I ve come to the conclusion that i...

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    Unbind is a mystery thriller romance Cai Matthews has had a rough childhood and he tries to keep it to himself He enjoys his job as a free lance photographer There is a mysterious relationship between him and his Aunt who runs a famous magazine.Chloe, had been working as journalist at a small magazine when she gets her dream job and moves to London She leaves behind a past she doesn t want to deal with She meets Cai at work and her interest is peaked They develop a friendship and Chloe is lust struck in Cai s presence.Chloe s natural curiosity gets to her and she can t help but dig into Cai and his relationship with his Aunt ...

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    Verified PurchaseThis review is from Unbind Sub Rosa Series Book 1 Kindle Edition I do not usually go for these types of books because of the graphic nature, but I fell in love with Chloe and Cai love that name , and just HAD to find out how their story was going to end The author developed these characters so effortlessly, piecing their back stories together as the plot progressed The mysterious nature of ALL of the characters throughout was quite thrilling and kept me guessing all the way to the end This author definitely knows how to write a HOT love scene, using words that are not for virginal ears or the faint of heart Surprisingly,each love scene was unique I was worried they would all just repeat I would definitely read other b...

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    A Copy of this Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review The synopsis you will have read before Unbind gives the bare bones of this romantic tale What it doesn t say is that the underlying story is good enough to stand alone as a novel without the undoubted chemistry between Chloe and Cai, and without the extremely well described sex scenes For once, and here I congratulate the author, each love scene was individual not merely a rehash of the same actions such as we often read You will soon guess that each is carefully hiding events in their past but I for one was surprized at one or two of the revelations when all details are revealed It is easy to ...

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