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A Life in the Day of Utter Nonsense Aliens, Giant Chicken Monsters, Vampires And A Mad Scientist Just Another Day In Imaginary City.The Signs Are All There Something Big Is Happening Something Not Very Good It S Up To Matthew Doorkey To Find Out What S Going On And Put A Stop To It With The Help Of A Vampire With A Cheese Fixation, A Slightly Deranged But World Renowned Author, A Man Who Shares His Body With An Alien, A Hero Who Has Just Discovered His Superhuman Powers And A Villain Bent On World Conquest, Matthew Sets Out To Find The Truth And Save His City From An Unknown Evil Or At The Very Least, To Get Laid.

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    If character names like Stupidman, Idiotboy, Lord Badguy, Dr Doctor, and Larry are character names that instantly pique your attention, this may very well be the book for you As the goofy title and author pseudonym suggest, this book is filled with goofy little jokes that attempt to tickle the reader as it continues down its simple path of good vs bad Oh, well, actually, maybe it s not that simple In factmaybe Stupidman isn t quite as good as we initially thought.Kename s goofy romp in the world of superheroes takes a look at many of the items that are considered standards in the superhero realm and turns up the stupid The characters in this book are constantly surrounded by a haze of stupidity as they attempt to bumble their way through the basic plot that is provided The only sense of sanity we get amid this crazed bubble of characterized humanity is in the character of Idiotboy who seems to not only be able to actually see what s truly going on, like, hey, that guy is going to attack us now or you re looking the wrong way , but also has a few moments where he appears to be the only person in the troupe with superpowers, as he has a few moments of possible precognition But he s overlooked That s the joke He could have saved the day countless times, bu...

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    Crazy, bizarre and entertaining.When I say this story has everything, I m not kidding Assassins, Mad scientists, Witches, Pirates, Vampires, Super or not so Super heroes, Secret agents and many all living on the same street It is quite a bizarre story as the title suggests, but makes some sense once you get into it I read it imagining Spike Milligan was reading it aloud to a group of chuckling youngsters not purposely it just came across that way, but it isn t for youngsters as you ll discover.When a title suggested the author was high on Caffeine, I wondered if that was all she was high on Her imagination seems to be spinning almost out of control This is a fast story You won t find any boring bits.Bouts of humour and thought provoking quirks will have you smiling and pondering while trying to keep a grip on what s going on Thing...

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    This book is for you if you like good old fashioned British humour From page one the reader is drawn into a ridiculous saga that is side crackingly funny throughout Each character is deliciously silly and breathes life into the nonsense that is their every day living Every character gives a greater depth of stupidity to ridiculous situations and it is impossible to ignore the laughter that just aches to be let free of the reader We, the readers, are often left wondering who the villains really are and just who gave the interpretation of good guysthe answers are always there looking directly into the face that is a Life in the...

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