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UnicornA Short Story By Justin David Jamie Likes Knitting And Gender Bending It S The 1980s, The West Midlands, He S On The Cusp Of Adolescence And He Cannot Understand The Gulf Between The Lives Of The Pop Stars In His Scrapbook And His Own Humdrum Existence He S Always Sought The Approval Of The Grown Ups Around Him But Now He S Starting To Question Them Why Is Uncle Freddy So Mean And What Is Grandad S Problem A Story For Anyone Who S Ever Felt Different.

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    I don t know, this really didn t do anything for me I found it to be boring and a bit confusing as it was written I really didn t enjoy it shrugs

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    This was rather a sad look at what life could be like back in the 80 s.Being a Britt I could easily get into this story, and my heart was pulled at the end But so typical I think of a Grandfather back ...

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    When you grow up, the world shifts around you every day You encounter things you like, but you don t yet quite know why You encounter people who like the same things, or hate them, like you and hate you for them This story invites the reader inside the child s experience It explains nothing That s what I like best about it.The autho...

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