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A Treasury of Civil War TalesIn A Treasury Of Civil War Tales, You Ll Discover Thingslike What Union General Was Showered With 10,000 Gift Cigars Following Theunconditional Surrender Of Fort Donelson, Tennessee, How A Boston Bankingheiress Wrote The Battle Hymn Of The Republic Following A Tourof War Torn Washington, And What Former Ohio Congressman Was Deported Fromthe United States To The Confederacy For Advocating Peace And Reconciliationwith The South.Garrison Presents The Civil War With A Human Face In A Collection Of Stories That Capture What The War Was Like For The People Who Lived Through It There Are Fifty Two Chronologically Arranged Stories About Harriet Beecher Stowe S Uncle Tom S Cabin, Dred Scott S Legal Battle With Slavery, And Much.Read This Timeless Documentary It Ll Open Your Eyes To Themysteries Beneath The Civil War.

PDF / Epub ☁ A Treasury of Civil War Tales Author Webb Garrison – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Paperback
  • A Treasury of Civil War Tales
  • Webb Garrison
  • English
  • 04 March 2018
  • 9781558537163

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    The book contains what should have been an excellent collection of short overview and anecdotes, but in several cases there are sloppy errors, and it s hard to say whether they were made by Garrison or his editor The terms Secretary of State and Secretary of War get garbled or switched a couple of times, and the order of events in several chapter is oddly vague, with events described in an order not in line with when the occurred So, the errors dropped it down from 4 stars to 3.Then, on the last page of the final chapter, Garrison makes the bizarre statement that the entire war was unnecessary, because if Lincoln had let the few hard core states secede, they would have failed and come begging to be readmitted For whatever reason, he considered this to have been a better outcome than the war itself.Now, Garrison was in fact a southerner himself, but the rest of the book avoids most of the obvious historical biases which can crop up, but this one takes the cake While his basic concept, that the King Cotton states could not succeed as a nation, might be true, the rest is unsupported speculation There are many obvious problems with this version of history Here ...

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    I dived into this book and loved it way than I possibly could have predicted We are, of course, given information on the major players of the Civil War, but we also hear stories about those whose names aren t in every documentary and textbook I read stories that I found amusing, stories that made me sad or angry Ultimately, there were many times in the book where I stopped and thought to myself why haven t I heard this before There were a few issue...

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    The stories in this book were very interesting and since each story was only about 4 5 pages long there were lots of them It was disturbing to read how racist the Union soldiers were toward the slaves that they were supposedly freeing, however, it wasn t unexpected My biggest surprise and something I still haven t come to terms with is the author s obvious dislike of Abraham Lincoln and the author s view point that the Civil War was completely unnecessary and was only fought because of Lincoln I ve never heard this before from any authority on the Civil War or on Lincoln His last chapter states that if the southern states had been allowed to leave the Union they would eventually have returned to the United States since they wouldn t have been able to make it on their own Thousands of lives would have been saved as well as a considerable amount of money This seems a little simplistic to me He has conveniently forgotten that one of the biggest battlefields before the Civil War was in Kan...

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    This book was interesting, however, it was written in short stories and not chronological order as to when the events actually occurred Because of that I found it difficult to follow Perhaps a retread would clear up some of the confusion The author is a southerner and seems to slant the stories in favor of the South Since I was not alive at the time of these events I find it difficult to know which side I would have been on If the object of the war was truly to abolish slavery and set the slaves free then I would have no problem being for the North However, it seems as if the northerners cared little, if any for, for the slaves They really didn t seem to want anything to do with the slaves Both sides seemed to have committed crimes against the blacks It was a terrible, bloody episode in our nations history One I pray will never happen again As for the book, I did enjoy the read although I bogged dow...

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