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A Punctual Paymaster A POIGNANT AND TIMELY NOVEL OF RACE RELATIONS IN AMERICAREVIEW COMMENTS Beautiful A Journey You Will Never Forget If You Only Read One Book This Year, Let This Be The One An Incredible Debut Novel A TOWN DIVIDED BY RACE IS HIDING A MIRACLE AMONG ITS SECRETSTravel Seventy Years Through The Secrets Of The White Thanos Family And The Black Taylor Family, Twisted Like Strands Of Yarn Woven Together On A Loom The Wealthy, Powerful Nikkos Thanos Owns A Woolen Mill And Almost Everything Else On The North Side Of Delphi, Missouri, And Is The Overseer Of A Fractured Society The Brave, Judicious Thaddeus Cousin Taylor Owns A Grocery Store And A Tavern On The South Side And Carries A Past Hauntingly Shrouded In Tragedy Each Man Tries To Shepherd His Part Of Town Through The Turmoil Of Racism, The Depression, And War With The Passage Of Time, Those Caretaker Roles Are Filled By Evangelina, Nikkos Beautiful And Strong Willed Daughter, And T.J., The Grandson Who Worshipped Cousin Forty Five Years After High School, Two Friends, Ab And Grady, Return For The Funeral Of Their Mentor, T.J., And Walk Into The Middle Of A Mystery They Unweave The Black And White Threads That Are The Town S Concealed, Troubled Past, Revealing An Extraordinary Tapestry Of Life And Death, Revenge And Triumph This Story Is Than White And Black Differences It S About What It Means To Be A Man, To Earn And Give Respect, To Stand Tall Against Adversity, To Be A Role Model LEARN WHAT IT MEANS TO WALK WITH STRENGTH

[KINDLE] ❦ A Punctual Paymaster  ➚ Dan Groat – Pocket-bikes.us
  • Paperback
  • 344 pages
  • A Punctual Paymaster
  • Dan Groat
  • English
  • 20 May 2018
  • 9781481248341

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    Have you been searching for that book You know the one The book that you read once and return to your shelf because you know you will read it again The book that stays with you long after you have finished reading it Look no further, you have found it A Punctual Paymaster by Dan Groat is officially the finest book I have read this year I was amazed by the way the author grabs and holds your attention from the very first page He has written a book brimming with tension, tragedy, and eventual redemption This is a book that will make you question where you came from and think about the current world we live in This novel interweaves the lives of the well off and the poor, the black and the white, the past and the present and does it flawlessly One of the main things I loved about this novel was the way the author used his characters to show the passage of time Rather than continually saying and then this many weeks passed or this year came around the author allows the reader to follow his characters through life, growing in knowledge as they and the reader move through the story He does keep it clear within his chapter headings exactly what year it is, but I never fe...

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    What to say about A Punctual Paymaster by Dan Groat How about loved, loved LOVED it It s just one of those books that s so beautifully written that even after you re done reading it, the characters linger in the back of your mind like the melted remnants of a sweet treat on your tongue However, the story isn t all sweet far from it It s part historical fiction, part mystery a tightly woven black and white tapestry that s a seamless melding of past and present At its most basic, A Punctual Paymaster is about the Thanos and Taylor families, one of them rich white folks and the other black It s about a town divided into north and south that starts back in 1939 where blacks were oppressed and racial tensions ran deep and thick as molasses through Delphi, Missouri This two family saga spans over 70 years and th...

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    Such a mesmerizing novel During the book the author grabs and holds your attention from the very beginning The book is filled with suspense and tragedy and makes the reader want to continue reading and reading I loved the characters in this novel They were so amazing to read about and I couldn t help but relate to the characters in the novel I love it when a book catches my attention so much that I lose hours in the day reading and feel like I m transported into a different world Personally my favorite character was T.J T.J s character was so diverse and different from other characters I read about, it was refreshing I had a great time reading about him as well as the other characters What I love most about this book is tha...

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    A Most Timely Read The force of Dan Groat s pungent way with words is a running line with his books He has been around life, viewing it from many vantages degrees from three institutions of higher learning, a college math teacher, a cross country coach, bartender, laborer is disparate fields from high to low brow but his own pr cis about his writing career are best from his own inimitable words I believe in the uniqueness of each person and that when given equality of opportunity, the individual is the best architect of their own destiny I believe that societal problems are best remedied by small groups, preferably starting with the family that government should do its best to protect its citizens without getting in the way of their lives that Americans are not guaranteed happiness, but the right to pursue it and their society is both a benefit and a burden that requires giving as well as receiving that acceptance of cultural diversity includes acceptance of a diversity of opinions because one opinion will never solve our problems that change is not automatically good that displaying a devotion to country is a virtue I believe deeply in love, loyalty, individualism, self reliance, liberty, ambition, hard work, competition with no guaranteed trophies, and that action as well as words is a form of expression If readers are looking for a book to read while the current Stand your ground movement is surrounding us, this book is a wise choice Da...

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    Well, I ll be damned I was not sure what to expect when I started reading this book, and I was not disappointed.I really like the author s style of writing He also has a nice way of answering some of the questions without being too obvious for example, what happened to Xander, you can infer what happened with the hints that are there and he also wrote well about what life was like in the South, especially for black people I really liked his pacing and how he would go back and forth between the North and the South Side through the years.The story itself is engaging, and while you have one main story, you have other stories woven within this, and I found the flow to be smooth The author has a really nice way of describing things so I could imagine what was happening here and there, as well as the characters I really liked the scene with the confrontation between Cousin and Vic Dolix, my heart was practically pounding as I read on to see the outcome of the scene.When I finished this book, I was left feeling pretty satisfied The only thing that stuck in my craw is what happened to Liberty at the end of the book, I wish that could have been explained a bit However, that is really my only quibble I LOVE the idea of the Walk with Strength Ganaike idea and how the two men who wanted to implement it explained it, it made a whole lot of sense to me and I would love to see it happen in real life.You also find out why this book was titled the way it is at the e...

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    I had forgotten why I down loaded this book and it sat on my kindle for a long time, but once I began reading it I was drawn straight in to the world of Cousin and the town of Delphi We follow an intricately woven trail through the lives of the generations of people who are split into the North side ...

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    I truly loved this book It will stay with me for a long time I felt the atmosphere of the book almost as if it were a movie The description of the settings, and the perfectly written dialect put the reader right there and I am very impressed by this book s first time author Great job

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    The story follows the history of two families, the Thanos family and the Taylor family The Thanos family are white and live on the north side of town, a town that has basically been built by Nikkos, the father of the Thanos family The Taylor family are black and live on the south side of town and Cousin, the father of the Taylor family, is basically the unofficial leader of the south side The story is set from 1939 through to 2010 and spans around three generations of the families It deeply explores the racial tension between whites and blacks in America through a story filled with mystery, intrigue, sadness and redemption.I had really high hopes for this book because the premise sounded so interesting however i felt it fell a bit flat It started out really strong and then got a bit lost on the way.The characters were really interesting however some of them could have been developed a lot Even though some of them had a lot of air time , i still felt like i barely knew them.Most of the book was slow paced with a lot of content, the kind of book that doesn t have you turning the pages as fast as you can, the kind of book that you slowly digest and can even put down for awhile to process before picking it back up again The pace wasn t very consistent though, with big jumps in time and disconnect between chapters where you weren t really sure what was going on.I wasn t sure whether the myster...

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    The town of Delphi in Arkansas is split by a river The North side is predominantly white, and the south side is essentially coloured, and the book covers the interactions within and between the two from the Depression through to 2010 The book is written as a sequence of pairs of scenes, at any given time we see something from each side of the river in separate scenes The scenes essentially portray atmosphere, and show how certain characters are affected by what is happening very locally Apart from the fact there is a world war, a Korean war, and a Viet Nam war, nothing external to Delphi is relevant, and these wars are only relevant to the extent that a character returns or in one case, does not return from each war The beginning of the book portrays clearly the different standard of living on the two sides, but also shows that happiness is not connected to possessions The writing is clear, and the book is extremely well written in the use of language, and some scenes portray genuinely deep emotions Major characters are ve...

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    It is amazing to me to realize the times through which I have lived That the times written of in the beginning of this book actually existed, are at one time both mind blowing and unbelievable.This book is definitely not for the PC amongst us It deals with a very real time in our recent history, with all of the attitudes and language that went with that time I found it uncomfortable to read.but only because, today, the language is highly inflammatory and insulting Remembering that it was history, and not a statement by any means, helped.The storyamazing I really enjoyed the characters and their individual histories The north side of Delphi was occupied by a predominantly white community, led by the strong and charismatic Nikkos Thanos Nikkos owns most of North Delphi and insures that the citizenry follow a prescribed set of social rules.South Delphi is predominantly African American, led by Thaddeus Cousin Taylor an equally strong and courageous man who insures that the residents of south Delphi remember who they are, that they walk strong and they hold their heads high.The story follows both families through 70 years and I loved it Well thought out and believable, every step...

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