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Jills Red Bag Jill Is Relentless In Her Desire To See Others Give Their Tithe To God She And Her Siblings Love To Act Out The Stories That They Have Read About After Hearing The Story Of Jacob At Bethel, Jill Determines To Do Than Play The Story Of Jacob She Begins A Crusade To Reach The Golden City By Setting Up Her Own Altar And Giving Her Tithe To God On The Way To The Golden City, She Learns The Valuable Lesson That God Seeks Much Than The Treasure Of The Traveler Jack And Bumps Demonstrate How Effectively Young People Can Be At Doing The Work Of God Regardless Of Their Age.

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    Another fantastic book from Lamplighter publishing Can t wait to read to my kids This is a great book to teach reinforce how and why we give a tenth of our money back to God our Father who gives us everything.

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    I did not enjoy this as much as Teddy s Button by Amy Le Feuvre, but it was still a cute story with a good moral.

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    Out of all the books by Amy Le Feuvre that I ve read I have to say to say I like this one the least Simply because the main protagonist, Jill, treats her younger sister like the dirt beneath her feet pretty much for the entire book, then acts all superior since she s training herself to go to God s Kingdom Like, wtf No one told this girl that kindliness towards others, especially younger siblings that look up to you, is God s work in itself Rea...

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    Originally Published in 1903 Three very imaginative and naughty children do their best kind of to be good The Bible verse Of Thine own have we given Thee plays a big part in this short novel Cute, charming, and thoug...

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    A very fine storyI was not prepared to enjoy this story as much as I did It is at times laugh out loud funny with characters so real you end up caring about them It was like watching a classic movie when humor was without harshness.I am going to read ev...

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    SweetIt was a sweet little story Quick read, I would think it suitable for young teens who enjoy older books

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    A wonderful story obout stewardship and discovery I will be recommending this book to my grandchildren and nieces

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    A wonderful bookOh I love this book it can be read by children It has some very hilarious scenes even though it deals with a very serious subject matter This enlightening book should be added to every one s library.Just couldn t put i...

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    Jill s Red BagThis might be called a children s story for the main characters are Jill, Jack, and Bumps They are three siblings who learn a great lesson of faith from the adults around them Enjoy

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    This is one we read aloud as a family and it was wonderful Christian values are taught throughout with the story being about well meaning, but mischievious children who learn unexpected lessons from their new governess.

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